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    279: United We Stand

    JRPGs are a bad joke.
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    Don't Use the Word "Gamer"

    Dear Yahtzee, In the United States, people who read are sometimes called "readers". I understand in the rest of the civilized world they are simply called "people" which is why you might make this mistake. Sincerely, Rapa-Nui
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    262: Stop Killing the Foozle!

    Not one mention of Deus Ex?????!??!?! Blasphemy. Sure, you *could* consider Bob Page the foozle, but you can actually completely ignore him in the end-game.
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    242: Unknown Quantities

    The foundations of science aren't shaky. My guess is that 3000 years from now, we'll still be using the same basic periodic table, biology will still be based on cells, genetics, and biochemistry that is very well understood. As long as space Cthulhu hasn't devoured us by then.
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    144: Master Chief in Sneakers: Making Life Not Suck

    "Faster than you probably run." No. I can do a 6-minute mile, and run 3 in under 20. I was also a fat kid. Goes to show... But yeah, good article. It pretty much describes my mental process while running. I don't have an Apple Man, just years of pent-up hatred for humanity.
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    Zero Punctuation: Assassin's Creed

    What would my Wednesdays be like without Zero Punctuation? Sad, lonely, depressed and forlorn. Great stuff.
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    102: Cthulhu: Why so difficult?

    How can it neglect mentioning Eternal Darkness, as tgilbert and Chamundra mentioned? The narrative structure is exactly what one might expect: investigative. The sanity effects are spot-on (with an occasionally misplaced humorous one). I wonder how many people got freaked out by the volume...
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    100: The Slow Death of the Game Over

    Another Mike: early console games didn't have great narrative mostly due to budget and technological limitations. Early computer games, on the other hand, were brutally hard but often had quite complex narratives and story. EDIT: There are also some exception. The original Ninja gaiden is a...
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    100: The Slow Death of the Game Over

    Prey is one recent major offender in this case: you couldn't die in that game even if you tried. I stopped playing after I discovered this fact. Fable has a similar problem in that you could carry an unlimited number of healing potions, so combat had virtually 0 risk. The quicksave issue...