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    Pillars of Eternity: your opinion so far?

    Casters needing rest and a limited number of spells per day is a balance thing going back to D&D. The D&D designers wanted players to focus on teamwork and character synergy. Imagine if your priest/wizard could use heavy armor w/o penalties plus unlimited spell casting.
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    Pillars of Eternity: your opinion so far?

    Ugh this game is pretty mediocre imho. A lot of quality of life options are not present. No item dumping, prebuffing/summoning out of combat, pulling creeps is almost worthless since the disengage after a fixed distance or mob you in contrived cqc scenarios. No lock breaking, jeeez! Crafting is...
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    What's the most boring game you've aver played?

    BioShock:infinite - boring, uninteresting narrative on rails shooter, enemies arent creative too many bullet sponge type encounters, save system is consolized Dishonoured - couldnt get into it, story didnt grab me, found the stealth to be underwhelming, forced morality system annoying...
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    Meet The All-Female Ghostbusters Team

    An Extreme Ghostbusters type of cast wouldve been more interesting imho. Especially if one of them did ghostbust in a wheel chair.
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    Meet The All-Female Ghostbusters Team

    How good is the material for this movie actually going to be? Expectations set to low.
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    I saw my best friend naked

    I got kinda accustomed to family nudity. Everybody was rushing off to work and there was only one bathroom in our rented apartment when I was growing up. You got dressed right out the gate after your turn in the bathroom. I just accepted that sort of thing. No big deal or drama.
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    Any good game/general geek sites that dont moan about sexism/racism/homophobia?

    A lot of onionskins reacting to a simple request for referrals. Ugh! (Slithers back in portal leading into....)
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    Escapist Editors in the Midst of an Exodus?! -Updated-

    ugh just when I was getting comfy! dammit!
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    Marvel Comics Will Tempt the Guardians of the Galaxy With "Untold Cosmic Power"

    Just finished reading Axis and Original Sin, the writing for these event type books hasnt improved imho. I'll just borrow this from a friend when the collected version comes out.
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    Hatred gets an AO rating, second game in history to get such rating for violent content alone

    Unless they allow the PC to wear the skins of his victims, collect their skulls or some other really weird and gruesome stuff this title wont really have anything new to offer. Hopefully the basic stuff like the gunplay, cover system, inventory management, gfx options, engine scaling , etc. will...
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    Marvel Comics Will Tempt the Guardians of the Galaxy With "Untold Cosmic Power"

    Great another wallet raping crossover that goes nowhere and gets swept under the rug to make way for the next one. Is Axis even over yet?? I hate these events because they put so little story in the main series that you're forced to get the tie-ins for the small details happening in the...
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    Autumn, a game about rape

    Aside form the ill-conceived premise what else does this walking simulator hope to deliver? Do you take up virtual Krav maga or go to therapy sessions in this game to deal with what happened?
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    Ghost in the Shell Casting Shows We Need More Than White Feminism

    Imho the casting choice is more of a business decision. Its same reason a crappy movie like WWarz made money based on the lead actor's following, recognizabilty , charisma etc. Actors can be of any ethnicity and degree of talent but I think the abilty to get people's butts in the seat is...
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    Movies or Games you once liked till you rewatched/replayed them

    Trainspotting - cant watch it anymore. the characters are a bunch whiny prats High fidelity -same as above Tom Cruise action vehicles - I still keep seeing him hopping up and down Oprah's couch grinning like an idiot Edgar Wright movies - they're all the same to me Star wars ep1-3 -...
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    Scarlett Johansson to Star in Ghost in the Shell Live-Action Film

    If this ever gets off the ground I have a sinking feeling it wont be as successful like if it was released years ago. This property has been floating around for a long time and I doubt the newer/younger audience is even familiar with GITS. Anime live-action remakes have had a horrid record at...