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    Why are so many of you guys unemployed?

    As someone who has been self employed for the last 8 years I get this too. I've been told that claiming "self employed" is the same as being "unemployed" by many people when reviewing an application. And that others don't want to hire people who have been running their own business because they...
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    Where are the Escapist Podcasts?

    Where are the Escapist Podcasts? There are supposed to be 5 podcasts a week and there don't even seem to be 5 a month now. Jim leaves, Loading Ready Run ends, and now not even the podcasts. Seriously this site is getting extremely threadbare for content.
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    Musician's Union Threatens to Expel The Banner Saga Composer

    Yeah, I live in Michigan. When unions were big here jobs were worth having. 25 years ago my mother was a union cashier at a grocery store. She had a full time job that paid $10.37 an hour with overtime and holiday pay and HEALTHCARE. 25 years later my brother works at a grocery store. He make...
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    Here's Your First Ant-Man Trailer

    Yeah, not to interested in this. But to be fair I've thought almost all of the marvel ones have been decent to better and the only one I'm actually excited to see is GotG2. Still this is at the bottom of the pile of upcoming ones right under Thor.
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    LoadingReadyRun: The LoadingReadyRumble 2

    Thats depressing. This is one of my favorite things on escapist.
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    PSN And Xbox Live Are Experiencing Major Outages - Update 2

    Still totally down for me. And still lists psn as offline.
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    Witcher 3 Dev: Gamers Are Wary of Poorly-Polished Next-Gen Games

    Well that statement is going to bite them in the ass.
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    Bloodborne Is Victorian Dark Souls - Hands-On Preview

    The pistols are just like the other guns that each class start with. They are not really like guns, you don't really aim them, no scoping. They are point blank weapons used only to disrupt the enemy attack in order to give you a chance to melee attack. Sort of like a more complicated backstab...
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    Escapist Podcast - Science and Tech: 031: That Star Wars Lightsaber, Graphene, and Neural Reprogramming

    Bad idea making mice smarter. Mice already have a devastating effect on our food production. They don't need to make mice as smart a people. Just making mice a little smarter could tip the scales and cause them to set off global famine. A slightly smarter mouse could avoid traps better and get...
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    Three EA Games Free This Weekend for PlayStation Owners

    Free is great. I really wish that need for speed was the console version though.
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    Target Aus Pulls GTA V From Shelves, For Its "Violence Against Women" - Update

    NO it doesn't. Its following the same pattern all companies do. Caving into negative consumer pressure. This is why people call advertisers whenever they don't like someone is saying on tv or radio. Target Australia is not Rockstar. They have no horse in this race. Why in the world would they...
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    Microsoft's Payments to Xbox Live Indie Games Devs Are Late

    So do indi devs get to charge microsoft a late fee on all their payments? God knows every company I have to make payments to charges them.
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    $330 PS4 & Xbox One in the Big Black Friday Roundup

    Why no listing of bestbuy sales? I got Wolfenstien for $20, mordor for $25, ps4 controller $40.
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    Assassin's Creed: Unity's Season Pass Has Been Cancelled

    I must be a lucky one then. I have not experienced any game breaking bugs. Just some graphical anomalies. Nothing that breaks the game or even made me restart the application. God of war ascension is the most broken game I've played in years. Way worse then skyrim on ps3. In skyrim the worse...
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    Poll: Do you enjoy Moviebob's content?

    I really enjoy his videos. Hes definitely one of the main reasons I come to the site. Which is odd because I often have wildly differing views on the movies he reviews. I guess he can just articulate a point of view that I don't agree with without bugging me, or even reducing my entertainment...