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    Total Troll Does it Again: Another CA/Sega Success Story (Also Review, updated continiously).

    Good god CA and/or SEGA are shortsighted. They released Total Warhammer, and it's sitting at 59% user approval-rating on Steam (246 positive, 170 negative) right now. Why? Because apparently the game won't even launch for a decent chunk of the users. Crashes right out of the gate. This sort of...
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    Asian/African Jungle Safari - Any Tips?

    Yeah, so, I know this is a gaming sight, but I thought I'd ask anyway. I wanna go on a jungle safari, with like trekking through the wilderness and maybe some river-rafting. I don't expect a whole lot of people have that much experience here, but if you got any suggestions, please let me know...
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    Darkest Dungeon Receives January 2016 Release Date

    Already played 50h of Early Access on it. It was certainly worth the money, but without any significant change in mechanics or gameplay I can not see myself returning to play the full version, if all that is added is two more areas and more items.
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    Chris Avellone Joins Divinity Original Sin 2 Writing Team As Stretch Goal

    Always nice with another, experienced writer onboard, especially since the writing was what sunk D:OS. Seriously, the plot was nonsensical mind-numbing poison.
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    Mouse and Keyboard Randomly Freeze When I Game

    I know several others have similar issues, but I have found no solution. The only way to resolve the freeze is to shut down the computer. I'm running Win 7. "Just update your USB-drivers" - Sure, if I knew how. I don't know if they are out of date, and the scanning-function to search for new...
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    Do I Need to Upgrade My Rig?

    Am I correct in guessing that the only thing I will have to upgrade in order to run things on higher settings is the graphics card?
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    Do I Need to Upgrade My Rig?

    Hey. I honestly have no idea how demanding AAA-games will be in the next year or so, but I haven't upgraded in awhile. Processor: i5 3450, 3.1GhZ Quad-core. RAM: 8GB. PSU: Corsair 600w. Graphics: Nvidia GTX 670. I could, of course, just run through the current requirements of high-end...
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    Honest Game Trailers: Fallout 3

    This could be the funniest new addition to the Escapist in a long while. Had me laughing several times (ah yes, the dread of standardized testing). And of course, it's NV > F3. F3's "level design" is "hey, wanna move about? Sure, crawl through these subway-tunnels!".
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    League of Legends Trolls Can Now Be Banned Within 15 Minutes of Offending

    True, but given that the proportion of assholes is far higher than that, and that troll-reports is not necessarily that common, I'd argue the benefits outweigh the risks. Even if I myself end up on the recieving end, I am just so sick of the constant toxicity.
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    Star Flight - Star Control - Escape Velocity - Gimme similar games!

    I've already got it. Honestly, my problem with the game has always been the time-limit. Read yesterday that there exists a mod to greatly lengthen it, though.
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    Star Flight - Star Control - Escape Velocity - Gimme similar games!

    How about FTL, isn't it similar? I've never played it, but it seemed to be at least in the ballpark.
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    Star Flight - Star Control - Escape Velocity - Gimme similar games!

    Hey there. So, I am interested in somewhat modern takes on the classic open-ended space-exploration-resource-gathering games. I grew up with Star Flight and Escape Velocity and I've played all the sequels. I love them dearly. Star Control is excellent as well. So, any similar game (especially...
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    Pillars of Eternity: Modding in the Sorcerer-class?

    Do you know of any mods to do this? It shouldn't be that hard. Just increase spell-cast per rest/make all/some spells into "per encounter" instead, and decrease the amount of spells available per level. I've always enjoyed the Sorcerer, and while Pillars of Eternity is a fine game, I am...
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    Pillars of Eternity: Must I Wear a Big Blue Dress?

    Alright, awesome, thank you very much.
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    Pillars of Eternity: Must I Wear a Big Blue Dress?

    Anyone can wear any armour. You will face speed penalties for it though, so the lighter your armour, the quicker you can fire off spells. Accuracy can also suffer if you give your mage a shield.