Mouse and Keyboard Randomly Freeze When I Game


New member
Dec 12, 2010
I know several others have similar issues, but I have found no solution. The only way to resolve the freeze is to shut down the computer. I'm running Win 7.

"Just update your USB-drivers" - Sure, if I knew how. I don't know if they are out of date, and the scanning-function to search for new ones (via device-manager) takes forever and produce nothing. I don't know my motherboard and thus I don't know how to do it manually. Overall I am also worried about getting the wrong ones.

"Update your keyboard and mouse drivers". Yeah, same problem there; I can't find them, and my computer tells me that those I have are up to date. For instance, I have a Logitech G4000 gaming-mouse, but I haven't found any way to update those drivers from the logi-tech website. Besides, my headset doesn't bug out, and it is connected to the USB-ports as well.

So, anyone have a clue? Or at least know how to quick and easy update my USB-drivers.


Edit: I've gotten the automatic device-manager to work, and it says that all HDI-drivers and USB-drivers are up to date.