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    Games that you hate but everyone else seems to ape-shit about it?

    Ok, time to go into this: The Assassin's Creed Series (with the exception of 4). I'll admit I've only played 1, 2 and 4, but god were 1 and 2 bad (and the best part of 4 was when it wasn't trying to be an Assassin's creed game). The gameplay was boring and repetitive, the worlds are not...
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    Zero Punctuation: Nom Nom Galaxy & Freedom Planet

    Good thing Donald isn't a gamer, or after watching this in a week we'd see this become "The Esc-Trump-ist" and Yhatzee out of a job
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    Play Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer, First 6 Hrs of Singleplayer, For Free

    The multiplayer is similar to ME3's multiplayer, go through a simple level with other players, fight your way through waves of bad-guys with a boss at the end, get exp, loot and gold, which is spent to level up characters, buy new ones, and get better items for harder difficulties. Not the...
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    "If you like X, you'll like Y" Thread

    If you like X-Com: Enemy Unknown, you'll like Massive Chalice If you liked Psychonauts, you'll like Stick it to the Man If you liked Final Fantasy 1, 2, 3, or 5 you'll like Bravely Default If you liked Twisted Metal and Mario Kart, you'll like Beetle Adventure Racing If you liked...
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    Xbox One Version of Fallout 4 Comes With Backwards Compatible Fallout 3

    As a reminder to people, 2K and Valve did the same thing (or a similar thing) with the pre-orders for Bioshock Infinite (the only difference being the games they gave away depended on how many people pre-ordered), and nobody started doom-saying back then.
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    Director Uwe Boll Swears Off Kickstarter In YouTube Rant

    If this website had signatures, I would steal that and make it mine. Pure gold. In any case, this is sad, not because Uwe Boll is going to stop making movies (that makes me happy) but because it shakes my humanity a little bit every time an adult who has enjoyed some success acts like a 2...
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    Games that are so good they've ruined every other game in their genre for you

    For me, its less "games that ruined other games in the genre" and "games that make me view similar games less favourably depending on how recently I have played them. Action-Adventure: Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Its a game I always come back to, and is one of the best experiences I...
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    9 Differences Between Heroes of the Storm and Other Mobas

    Just remember guys, different does not necessarily equal good or enjoyable. To elaborate, I realized about a couple months or so ago that I didn't like Heroes of the Storm. I got int the beta when the Escapist was doing a key giveaway, and I started playing lightly but regularly. Life got...
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    Telltale is Making a Marvel Adventure Game Series

    I don't know why but for some reason I could see this working as a Deadpool game. "A hydra mook appears, what do you do?" - Kill him, loudly - Kill him, very loudly - Kill him softly... jk Kill him EXTREMELY LOUDLY - Hold impromptu tea party
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    Poll: Anyone more interested in love sex as opposed to casual sex?

    I vote for romantic sex, but that is because: A) While the internet has features that don't quite outperform casual sex, they come much more cheaply. Basically, nearly limitless amounts of free, on demand internet porn and an old laptop that I don't care about buggering up is far easier...
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    Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 - The Worst Movie of 2015

    This comes with a BIG citation needed, but I remember hearing somewhere that the reason that Adam Sandler makes mostly low-brow movies these days is because his low-brow films which are poorly received do better at the box-office than his 'better' stuff. And its a shame, because when Adam...
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    Lucas is Coming to Smash Bros. 4

    Its cool that they are soliciting suggestions. My personal votes are for E. Gadd (could be a cool character) or for Solid Snake to make a comeback (which might make Kojima happy considering he wanted him to be in the game again and he's been having kinda a bad month).
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    Describe a work of fiction in 10 words or less

    Pokemon: Youth competes in animal fights, wanders the world while unaccompanied. Lord of the Rings: Seven travel far to discard jewelry Borderlands 2: Rich CEO is a psychotic maniac, hilarity ensures Majora's Mask: Boy has 3 days to stop the moon from falling.
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    Movies that everyone you talk to seems to think are bad but you think are actually pretty great.

    The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy was OK. There, I said it. On a less extreme note, I think the Dark Knight Rises is the best of the Trilogy. Its remarkably well put together as a movie, and I enjoyed the story a bit more. I'm also not sure what the general opinion of the movie is, but...