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    Poll: Poll:Is your PS2 still working?

    For the love of crap.... My Commodore 64 still works fine. Of course my PS2 does. So do my SNES and NES and Genesis. ... Now get off my lawn!
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    Poll: Gamer Girlfriends

    I translate video games from Japanese to English. It's loads of fun. :) I also write/translate strategy guides.
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    Poll: Gamer Girlfriends

    I am the gamer in the relationship. Well, we both game a fair bit, but I'm the more mainstream gamer of the two of us, plus I have a job in the games industry. So :P
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    What brought you to the Escapist?

    I came to the Escapist when it was a highbrow games magazine in PDF, at issue 2. I found it through a link from another games colleague. I found Yahtzee on Youtube back when his "The Darkness" review was brand new, and then was thrilled to hear that he would be joining my beloved Escapist. Been...
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    The Best book you OWN

    So many good books. I've got the Hitchhiker's Trilogy, leather bound and SIGNED. I've got all four volumes of the Absolute Sandman series & the Absolute Death. I've got a signed hardcover of The Graveyard Book. I have the Complete Calvin and Hobbes. But as far as my favorite, what I...
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    How old are you and when did you start playing video-games.

    I'm 29, and I started playing at age 3. Pong on the Commodore Vic-20 with my dad. Might've been slightly earlier than 3, but I remember playing at 3. I've got a 3-year old son, and he games with me. Keep the heritage going!
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    Why do people think adopting swearing into your vocabulary make you sound intellectual?

    I don't know, why do people think that swearing makes you less intelligent? Swearing is done for emphasis. Besides, words only have the power that you give them. If you decide that the word ?F*ck? is something all bad that you have to be offended at, then that's your choice. And I...
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    Yahtzee Answers Your Questions About Mogworld

    He's criticizing the fact that he refused to read anything except Pratchett. He's not criticizing Pratchett. I can't believe I had to point that out.... EDIT: Added yet another person who completely missed the point... *facepalm*
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    Wait just a second.. We were wrong! Gaming is bad for kids! (Well in my experience)

    "Waah waah my life didn't turn out the way I wanted, so I'm going to blame it on my crutch, rather than admit that maybe I had a problem." Bite me. I've been playing video games since I was 2. I'm now 29, I have a BA, and I'm a Freelance Translator (Japanese to English) for video game...
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    Think waaaay back, what was your favorite educational game?

    I loved Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, plus all the expansions (Europe, Time, etc.). Although I remember having the crap scared out of me the first time I beat it and it told me I had to "change my name for my safety" (or something like that). It probably didn't help that the computer...
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    Poll: Dreamworks or Pixar?

    Gotta go with Pixar. More original plots, entertaining jokes. Everything I've seen of Dreamworks so far has been a bit too formulaic for my taste. But that's my $0.02.
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    How many games do you own?

    Counting all the different games across the different platforms going back through to my Commodore Vic-20... I'm sitting at around 350-400 games. Yeah, it's quite a few.
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    Is there anything that you will refuse to do in a game?

    That's me with Heavenly Sword. Loved that game, great writing (by the daughter of Terry Pratchett!) but I was either really good or really bad (depending on how you look at it) with the SIXAXIS controls on the arrow sections. Every last enemy caught my arrow with their groin or their ass... I...
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    Kinda-sorta famous relations.

    William Penn (Founder of Pennsylvania) through a line on my dad's side. Einstein through a line on my mom's side. Me? I just work for a big-name video game company. I'm famous to a degree.
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    Poll: Sexual content in games

    I keep seeing the same argument come up. "If it fits in the story and its done tastefully and it fits certain criteria, then I might be okay with it...." In a mature game, what's the problem with showing a mature relationship? Do you hold your "R" rated movies to the same standard? "If the...