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    Poll: Doom Eternal vs Metro Exodus - Which will be better of 2 upcoming SP FPS?

    No idea. They haven't been released yet.
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    2019 the best year for FPS?

    3 sequels to a gaming genre that innovates at a glacial pace? Wowee Can't wait to circle-strafe an enemy to death or pop up from cover and hug a wall texture whenever I'm feeling creative.
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    Which Reveal Trailer was better? Cyberpunk 2077 or Deus Ex HR?

    Cyberpunk 2077 looks more immediately appealing. There's something to be said about the vibrant locales that ooze corruption and opportunity. Plus, I can play as a female.
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    Devil May Cry 5 Confirmed!

    After Reboot-Dante, I'm actually really glad to see Nero again! (Yay, I get to use the Red Queen again!) Let's hope he gets a complete entry in the franchise without any needless backtracking. Super intrigued by who/what took the Devilbringer from Nero -- Dante? Nah, they parted on good...
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    RAGE 2 announced trailer - develop by avalanche studio

    A terrible trailer for the sequel to a shit game. Fitting.
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    In Regards to Wild West

    Finally, the cesspool has been quarantined. Many succumbed to it's toxicity. I hope Bobular will keep posting somewhere. His threads were pretty interesting.
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    Poll: Is Far Cry 2 a Cult Classic now?

    Nope, it was shit back then and certainly has not improved with hindsight. Malaria was a nuisance, gun jamming was frustrating, enemy variety & AI was a joke, stealth sucked and traveling through the aesthetic eyesore of an environment was the final nail in the coffin. Claim immersion all...
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    FPS quality last generation vs this generation

    How many times can you make the same thread, reiterating the same generalizations? Add a heaping spoonful of buzzwords and you got yourself another B-Cell thread about the FPS genre. About as stale as the FPS genre itself. There is merit to different takes on the genre, a strict adherence to...
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    Is The Witcher 3 overrated?

    Nope, it deserves the praise it received.
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    Gaming Unpopular opinion

    Can't have a B-Cell thread without sweeping generalizations and FPS elitism... At least try to make your thread look like a thinly-veiled excuse. This is just joyless.
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    Dark Souls... On the Go!

    Can't have a Nintendo-related thread without a persecution complex, unfortunately. Anyway -- Sweet, more people get to play Dark Souls. Hope the remaster turns out well.
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    The REALLY Wild Wasteland. (The Fallout RP!)

    The Wild Wasteland | Present Day | Springvale Elementary School "Sera" - Kristin 'Valkyrie' Blamco - --- Stirring from her sleep, the Valkyrie let out a pained cough before rolling over onto her side. Streaks of moonlight poured in throughout the uneven gaps in the boarded-up windows...
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    What is all the fuss with Danganronpa?

    ~Nyahahaha! [/spoiler] I'm sorry, I just adore Angie's head-bopping ------ OT: Niche game has niche appeal, go figure. Danganronpa, as a franchise, revels in it's own absurdity. The mystery is ever-present, the motives serve as a decent payoff/gut-punch while unraveling a case, the...
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    Dishonored 2 was a pleasant surprise. I've always loved the aesthetics and lived-in feel of the world. Music and level design were fantastic. (Kudos to the Clockwork Mansion, and Stilton's Manor and The Grand Palace.) It was great to play as Emily and take her through Low Chaos & High Chaos...
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    Poll: A Drastic Measure to Save the Escapist - Mass Unbanning

    Those that were banned either deserved it, left of their own volition or they won't be around to hear about their hypothetically renewed entrance. I just cannot picture anyone waiting outside the gates of the Escapist, hoping and wishing to get back in. While a dwindling user base isn't a...