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    I listen to music nobody else listens to...

    I don't see the point of this thread. Is he bitching about modern metal? Old metal was shallow wankery. The bands that are still farting around now are the ones whose sound never evolved because they loved the fame too much. Case in point: Metallica and ACDC. Michael Buble is equally as...
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    Poll: If you had to give up sex or meat which would it be?

    If I were a straight woman they'd be the same thing. Swish!
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    What is the max speed that anything can move?

    It depends on the mass of the object because the heavier it is the more inertia needs to be overcome to accelerate. So tiny particles can go really damn fast, large objects not so much. Duh.
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    "Well, I don't even own a Television"...Ugh

    I love TV, I just hate ads. So I download any tv show I want to watch. I mean we've GOT a tv but I'll only watch it if I'm cooking or something... and only SBS.
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    Underappreciated Literature Gems

    Before anyone else says it: Reading's for squares. *Step backs, raises flame-shield.*
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    Algorithm "Outs" Facebook Users

    Nah it's pretty clever. It starts with one person who has a certain ratio of openly gay friends "n" and if n is greater than their threshold of say, 50%, they mark the person as "closet homosexual" and they do this for thousands of people. Then they apply repeated iterations as more and more...
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    Poll: Was It Wrong To Drop The Atomic Bombs In Japan?

    Well in civ4 it saves me from long, drawn-out, expensive, casualty-ridden conflicts so my people stay happy, and the enemy doesn't believe I have nukes until I actually use one, at which point they become more open to negotiation.
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    What's your favourite joke?

    What did the kiwi say to the rabbi? Hebrew.
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    Why are people against killing whales?

    If civ4 has taught me anything, it's that whaling makes for great export, especially if you're in iceland. You can trade it for useful things. Like coal. EDIT: Also THAT WHALE TOOK ME BLOODY LEG!!
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    RPG girl <3s FPS boy

    There aren't any cross-platform multiplayer games but you can get pc interface extensions for an xbox. And recently the two genres have been getting closer and closer and doing disgusting things to each other, so there's no shortage of bastard children. IMO play badminton.
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    Best Metal Album

    Yeah "Strapping Young Lad - City" is the best I've seen in this thread so far, but I'm not a huge fan of that sort of metal. IMO it's one of the following:
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    Holy crap turning 18 soon 0.o

    It meant my past criminal record was wiped clean. Now I get to be a first offender again. :D
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    Poll: What is the MAIN point of living?

    There is no MAIN point of living. I never chose to be alive, it's just something that was forced upon me. And death won't erase the life that has been.
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    Hypothetically, What Would Be Your Best Troll Subject?

    I seem to troll people without even trying. Trolling has always come naturally to me, ever since preschool where I backtalked to the teacher enough to get me plenty of time sitting in the corner, I antagonised the bully enough for him to try throwing punches, and I made the girls feel insecure...