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    ME3 ending is it really that bad?

    I read the leaked summaries and it didn't prepare me for how bad they actually are to witness.
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    Poll: Are We Entitled?

    Why are the poll and topic title 2 seperated questions? I'd say yes we (some gamers) are entitled but yes we do deserve better (in some respects).
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    Mass Effect 3 - weird decision by bioware regarding romance pathway in ME2 shadow broker

    It's because ME4 is going to be starring Shepards asari child though Liara. Either surrogated or just being thiers. Even if Shepard can't produce the sperm, I'd assume she'd be able to burrow some genetic code from him. If she hasn't already from the multiple forced Embrace Enternities...
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    Daft tutorials that basically call me stupid

    Ghost Trick is probably the worst one I've seen. The game isn't bad but the tutorial spans the entire game, even the ending when I worked out the puzzle right away I reminded me how to do things again...500 times before actually letting me get on with it. It doesn't call you stupid but implies...
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    [posible spoilers] the most anticlimactic bosses youve ever fought

    It was a fitting end to a frial old man. Fable 3 on the other hand. "The Darkness is coming!" .... "The darkness is gone...oh well I think we better leave now kthxbai".
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    Why do people want games to be realistic?

    I don't want the new SSX because it looks too realistic, they've ruined my favourite psycho. Then again I've not exactly payed it much attention either. 3 was meh, huge, nice customization. Never did try the one with skiers. Think tricky was the best, but some of that bias may be in how much fun...
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    UPDATE: Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer is incredible. (Added my refletions and a quick guide)

    True that's what I've been playing as, for some reason Atlas' and Guardians love Drones, they'll frequently turn to face them and ignore everything else. Overload helps to to make them fall back, slow them up and get some free shots in. That and Call a combat drone and watch assist bonus'...
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    UPDATE: Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer is incredible. (Added my refletions and a quick guide)

    It's completely shocked me, I love the systems and customisation of things (run round looking like the Pink Power Ranger...only male lol). I fully expected to be total rubbish and remain that way but I haven't been that bad, some errors but it's not stupidly easy either you do have to think a...
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    Final Fantasy IX speed run

    I don't even get how anyone could make it to that point in 12 hours, the game has such a slow pace to it, battles are slow, dialogue is slow and the areas you cover on each disc are fairly large, so 4 hours for each just seemed way too low. Don't get me wrong I love the game but at times length...
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    How much do you believe game company's are only in it for your $$$?

    I think some still do it for the original purpose, providing entertainment (though art or story or whatever), and do very well for it, while others only do it as they see how lucrative it can be. Sadly it's not always the case, but when a game has had a lot of love put into and took the risk of...
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    The F2P joke

    I haven't read the whole thing because frankly I don't care that much, but really that last line only proves my issue with the models the game uses to make money. Isn't that something rather important and beneficial to advertising, something that should be listed at the top of the differences...
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    The F2P joke

    You had to get petty over it didn't you, god forbid someone not like the game you do. I tried to be decent about it saying that's just my opinion/experience. But if you are going to get petty how about you get you're facts straight? There's 3 tiers, 2 if you discount free as one of the...
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    The F2P joke

    Either they've changed the F2P model again since I've play or what you're talking about is the many optional (and more exspensive then average, yet still leaving you with cordoned off aspects) subscription fees. Which again on a whole only ends up working against any semblence of a whole flowing...
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    The F2P joke

    Lotro is probally one of the worst models I've seen for Free to play, it's not so much F2P, or Pay to win but Pay per space moved. They nickel and dime you so much, as I browsed though the catalogue I just realised how insanely expensive this free game is, you'd have to buy bag slots of you'd be...
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    Poll: Will Bethesda's next big title suffer in sales because of Skyrim's notorious glitchiness?

    I voted for "Can't speak for other but I won't be getting the next game". The bugginess plays a large part but not the whole of why I won't make another Bethesda purchase. 1) Foolish I know but I had hoped after using the engine multiple times, they would have got better, but no many of the...