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    Poll: A theoretical moral dilemma

    Assuming the military ship has also been tested out to include the best of the best, and assuming a gender mix on-board, the military ship would be at least as useful as the civillian ship but with additional skills and training. The only counter argument I could predict is that those in the...
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    Arkham City.... Sexist?

    Did the author forget that you just because a character says something, it doesn't mean the writer believes it? Wow, basic literature 101 failure. If it was sexist, she wouldn't be kicking their asses.
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    Treasure Plans Guardian Heroes Sequel

    Fuck and yeah. I'll be buying a version that's for sure.
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    BioWare Co-Founder: RPGs Are Becoming "Less Relevant"

    Oh my god, someone in the industry is admitting change, burn him alive! It seems pretty obvious that straight RPGs are a dying market, but by blending in a little more immediate gameplay you end up with something like Mass Effect 2 which was a commercial and critical success - its obviously...
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    Scythes in Games

    Scythes are farming equipment, the reason the Grim Reaper/Death is often shown with one is because of the symbolism of harvesting souls. As one person put it in the previous thread, their a cheap short-hand for linking things to death and making them more gothy. Desperately impractical...
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    Critical Miss: Conan the Barbarian

    Not remarkable the similarities since Lovecraft and Robert E Howard were friends who undoubtedly had a major influence on each other. From the stories I've read it'd be hard to describe anything about the Conan stories as 'watered down' after all, there was far too much pulp in them...
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    Poll: Should UK police be given guns as standard issue?

    And how many times has that happened in the last five years? I have no idea if this is exhaustive, but it seems pretty solid seeing as its the trust for UK officers who have died on duty. In 2010, no police officer deaths...
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    Woman Goes Into Labor at QuakeCon, Chooses Skyrim Demo Over Hospital

    My mum's general policy on child birth could be summarised as 'just cut the fucker out' - so not desperately trustworthy source! The missus however is a bit of birthing buff so I asked her before posting - she's pretty confused it was a news story...
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    Woman Goes Into Labor at QuakeCon, Chooses Skyrim Demo Over Hospital

    He was right, there is no rush. Labour doesn't mean "holy shit I'm going to drop!", its the start of a long, often very long process during which the woman is not in any significant danger or impairment outside of contractions especially at the start. Wacky, not desperate.
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    Woman Goes Into Labor at QuakeCon, Chooses Skyrim Demo Over Hospital

    For what its worth, labour doesn't mean that the child is coming 'now' or that a woman has to go to hospital immediately. Its a bit wacky but its not really risky.
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    RAGE Devours Xbox 360 Hard Drives

    Ding ding ding ... we have a winner. Almost certainly will have relatively marginal impact on gameplay.
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    Infinity Ward Not Worried About People Comparing Modern Warfare 3 to 9/11

    As a Londoner who was working there then, I can safely say I do not care. You'd have to work really hard to get offended - although I am sure the press will try.
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    Classes or races you don't play as in RPGs

    Never play anything but humans - there's enough diversity in human cultures to not have to fake it with different species.
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    Risk your life to defend your lovers belongings?

    Nothing to apologise for, no possessions are worth more than either of your lives. Appreciable sentiment to defend your lady-friend but she would have respected you just fine for calmly defusing the situation. Unless you're in the habit of walking around with significant quantities of cash...