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    Zero Punctuation: Dark Souls III

    Dark Souls 2 better than 3? Well we all have our own opinions, comes off most odd to me but oh well. Ludwig's Holy Blade 4 lyf.
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    Microsoft Wants Xbox to be Upgradable Like a PC

    Microsoft has been on this path for a while now ever since they got jobbed out big time to Sony. To cut through all the crap it doesn't matter how many shooting star 450 moonsaults you can do, it's all about charisma and keeping people interested with your mic work. Your ring work merely needs...
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    Sony Sells Oodles of PS4s on Best Black Friday in "Company's History"

    Sony's over brother jack dude. Popping those buy rates. Hey now, you just called half the people here idiots. Really now? You're going to compare a decade's sales to in some cases two years? Lol.
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    Bloodborne: The Old Hunters discussion (Spoilers! Spoilers everywhere!)

    I died once against the first boss as I didn't get behind in time so he one shot me (well it's several hits but when you're hit by one you eat the rest). The rest of the bosses were pretty easier and I didn't even have to refill my healing items for the third boss that comes right after the...
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    Princess No More - Leia Has A New Title In Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Never give up? John Cena approved.
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    The PC Master Race Appears to Have a New Anthem

    This is news worth mentioning? Anyway marks need to rein it in.
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    Battlefront on PC: no server browser/dedicated servers

    The correct move, best for business. This ain't going to stop Battlefront pop those buy rates.
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    Why is PlayStation Dominating the Next-Gen Console War?

    Because PS4 is over and popping those buy rates brother jack dude. Microsoft meanwhile is heel and heels naturally sell less merch, while Nintendo is in the midcard and again that has an effect on merch.
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    To those who pre-order games: why?

    Never been bitten by this myself. Every game I've preordered has been fine. Seems like people make some crappy choices and then try to pass the buck elsewhere. As for those who'll bring up colonial marines, I knew that game would be garbage the day it was announced.
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    Albert Wesker Playable in Special Resident Evil 0 Remake Mode

    They should have instead confirmed the Billy is Nemesis theory by having a Nemesis mode instead. It does make a lot of sense though, I mean Billy is virtually indestructible like the Nemesis after all.
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    Should I bother with Final Fantasy X?

    Final Fantasy X is a decent enough game, no reason not to play it. Story and characters are fine enough and it has one of the best turn based battle systems ever I think personally. It is a downgrade from Final Fantasy IX, but then again so are all other Final Fantasy games.
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    Konami finally announces new Silent Hill!

    I am enjoying Konami's heelwork lately I do have to say, really working the crowd. Good old fashioned heelwork is a lost art and it's good to see Konami bringing it back. When they put over a face in the main event the pop will be huge.
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    Poll: Do you prefer mainstream or Indie games?

    ... Where is that middleground option? I enjoy games that wouldn't exactly be classed as Mainstream or Indie. Poll is worthless as a result.
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    Five Nights at Freddy's Creator Pens an Emotional Open Letter to His Haters

    Really now? Put such things away that ain't how you handle the situation jack. Either go down the route of saying you do it for those who cheer you, and those who boo you too and it is their right to boo. Or alternatively say that he isn't surprised inbred neckbearded jabroni IGC members don't...
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    Your Opinion: Which games have made you not to trust Nintendo anymore?

    ??? Nintendo at it's worse is still better then the large amount of vanilla midgets they have for competition. Just a rock solid performer you can count on.