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    Poll: World of Warcraft - Warbringers

    Yea, not a big fan of the azshara one. She never gave a crap about anyone but herself. Her rejecting the old gods offer to serve under it is (but rather it kinda...serves her)....kinda accurate i think? slyvanus is just cringe worthy, "morally grey." Although it is kinda interesting to see...
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    Idris Elba reportedly being considered for next James Bond

    His name will get butts in the seats, and that is all that matters anymore apparently. He is a phenomenal actor and i love watching his movies....but i dont want him as the next bond, just like i didnt want scarjo as the major (or matt damon in the wall).
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    Oh World of WoWCraft have you fallen, so?

    did not know that about the pale orcs, although it makes sense. As for the Botani, im going to have to give blizz the stinkeye on that one. The Botani not only gave the Iron Horde a hard time, but gave the horde/alliance a hard time. In fact, they are the only faction i can think of whom no...
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    Oh World of WoWCraft have you fallen, so?

    Well....Illidan did die, Meaiv brought and sealed his corpse back. However, Illidan did absorb a good chunk of demon mojo, meaning lore-wise he can use their regeneration technique as well.
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    Oh World of WoWCraft have you fallen, so?

    Yes, bronze dragons have the ability to travel through time. Each dragonflight is reponsible for a different aspect of keeping azeroth safe. Bronze = time, red = life, blue = magic, black = earth, green = emerald dream/subconscious/dreams. This is why Deathwing wanted to destroy all mortals...
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    Oh World of WoWCraft have you fallen, so?

    From a raiders perspective WoD wasnt so bad. It was the lazy expansion, as in you dont have to do much (because there wasnt much to do). You signed in, sent your followers on missions, and BAM...done till raid. In Legion, it was a lot of freakin work. Yea there was a lot to do, but it also...
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    Oh World of WoWCraft have you fallen, so?

    To be fair, yes he is a bump in the road compared to the Void Lords. The Burning Legion was created for the sole purpose of opposing the Void Lords. That is their purpose, it is why they going around destroying world-souls on planets so the Void Lords can not corrupt them. Even the Old...
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    Oh World of WoWCraft have you fallen, so?

    technically it was a rogue bronze dragon that did the timetraveling. Garrosh was his accomplice (and then garrosh killed him). As for the technology, Garrosh brought modern (by wow standards) technology with him, specifically the BlackFuse company (which was an mercenary company of goblin...
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    "Titans" Actress Anna Diop Has Been Hit With Racist Insults

    I think starfire (and beast boy) are poor choices to try to play as for a live action film. A live action starfire could work, if they went the Gamora route from Guardians of the Galaxy. Granted ive only seen a few pictures, and its pre production, but the actress who plays starfire doesnt...
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    I find Fallout: New Vegas incredibly dull

    So, i have: 112 hours on FO3 283 hours on FONV 915 hours on FO4 Mechanically, FONV was much better than FO3. Every gun felt useful in some context, they handled differently, and there was a bit of tinkering you could do (with different types of bullets). I would even say from a guns...
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    Metal Gear Robbery

    guy recovered from a taser hit pretty fast. Sigh, you know idiots like those two are going to breed like rabbits too.
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    All hail Britannia?
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    Was Mass Effect: Andromeda really that bad?

    I played it a few months ago when it was on sale for 15 dollars. It was....okay. Enjoyable even. The characters were mediocre, the overall plot was mediocre. The interactions between characters were pretty good. Gameplay-wise it was better than the trilogy. The bosses are actually hard...
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    Battlefield V reveal- your thoughts?

    The whole thing is like WW2 meets Borderlands, as such im fine with female soldier with prosthetic (and all of the other wacky people/stuff). Every movie/game will take SOME liberties in a WW2 setting, so long as said liberty are not too jarring. If that female soldier appeared in Band of...
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    Okay so what is the deal with Hatchbacks?

    Hatchbacks were all the rage like 10 years ago, hardly ever see any now though. But to answer the thread. Small, practical, fuel efficient. Can look a lot better than sedans with a sports package. Some of the higher end hatchbacks look like rally cars. To put it in perspective, im 34...