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    Battlefront 2 officially considered gambling

    Hawaii had a press conference about it. And it wasn?t a very pleasant one if you were EA. That was said. Holy shit. And apparently they are talking to other states about this. Wonder how Disney feels about this.
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    A Letter to the Moderation, and a Defense of Wynn.

    I?m mixed. On one hand, I have no sympathy for Wynn. Guy was an annoying idiot who kept screaming about his memes (which no one else cared for). He was a nuisance. However, I am wary of the mods being able to remove Pub Club from people. You can argue that Wynn didn?t pay for it, and it...
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    Geostorm - I Await the Sweet Release of Death

    Damn. Tell us how you really feel. In all honestly, just the name told me this was a pass. What few ads I've seen had done nothing to convince me otherwise. I'm happy saving my money for the new Thor movie.
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    People really like Thor Ragnarok

    Still better than DC's formula. Dark, edgy, and depressing because that's "adult" and "deep". Also, more Jesus metaphors than the Bible.
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    Taco News - Cuphead Developer Calls Journalists Wimps

    I agree. This isn't satire. It's a completely legitimate news story. Everything in it is factually accurate.
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    Can we talk about the apparent culture of sexual abuse in the american film industry?

    It's sad how true this is. I've seen countless "jokes" about having to sleep with Weinstein to advance your career. Several from years before this happened. Which never made sense to me. It was obviously that Black Widow was made into a killer therefore a monster.
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    Taco News - The iPhone X Only Works for Beautiful People

    It's about time. I was getting sick of all these uglier people using the same phone as me. Finally, only those as objectively pretty as me will be allowed to use the same phone. Sadly, a few of my friends and family have been taken away by Apple. But it's worth it damn it!
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    The Big Problem with the Pokemon Anime - An Essay and a Rant

    Pokemon was never a series I got into. But, I think the series would be well served by having Ash occasionally win the championship. Not always, but maybe he every 2 or three. It's not like Ash wouldn't continue his journey to become an "Pokemon Master" after winning one tournament. After...
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    SNES Classic. Once again, no one can get it

    I asked my local Gamestop how many extra they would get. They told me they'd have about 10 or 11 extra. By the time I got there in the morning there were ten people in line. I figured I had a decent shot of getting one and opted to wait. Turns out they had five extra. I went across the...
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    Twitch Plays Real Life Stream Announced

    No need for flattery.
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    Twitch Plays Real Life Stream Announced

    Ugh. Really? We're doing this? You know I don't pay for this kind of content, guys. And why is this article so political? I don't come here for politics. Also, I can't help but feel this author is racist.
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    Hurricane Jose Will be Deported, White House Says

    Fake News. Best News.
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    Ask Me Anything

    Who gets into heaven?
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    Batman and Robin

    Batman and Robin is not a good movie. But I can enjoy it. It's unintentionally hilarious (at least, I think it is).
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    Blizzard Brings Back the Name Because No One Stopped Using It

    Yeah, the name change was pointless. Everyone knew it was No one was going to stop calling it that. It'd be like Valve deciding to change the name of Steam. No one would stop calling it Steam. It's always been Steam. It's a part of the culture at this point. Changing the name...