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    Serial Killer Round 71: Nightvale: Invaded

    Yeah, I'll do that. And just so you know, this is the only place on the site I'm posting a goodbye to. Pretty much everyone I've had positive interactions with are here anyway, and I've never been one for public drama posts. So this seemed the most appropriate place to get the message out to...
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    Serial Killer Round 71: Nightvale: Invaded

    I think I'm just too much of an optimist to enjoy the direction of embittered cynicism that the site has been taken. The Star Citizen thing (and in particular the podcast) was kind of the last straw, but it's hardly the first. It's bad enough that the writers don't even recognize their own...
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    Serial Killer Round 71: Nightvale: Invaded

    So, due to recent events, I think I'm going to be leaving The Escapist until the next inevitable staff turnover. I haven't been active this round, but I guess now I'm formally withdrawing. It's been fun, guys!
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    "I Could do With a Bit More Money!" Says Shenmue 3 Creator

    Cue a bunch of people taking quotes out of context and not reading the referenced article. Well at least this time there's nothing factually wrong about the article.
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    Oculus Rift Will Cost More Than $350, Says Founder

    Yup. The first round is really going to be for the enthusiasts, developers, and so on. And really, unless you are into vehicle sims, there's not going to be all that much compelling content for a while anyway. I'm planning on getting one, but then again, even if it were $600 that would still...
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    Final Fantasy V - No Job Shortage Here

    The monster sprites I'll give you, but the locations are pretty bad. Here [] is an article that shows off some of FFV's problems as well as what could have been done to fix them.
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    Final Fantasy V - No Job Shortage Here

    Now just imagine what we might have had if they had gotten the same guy to update FFV that did the PSP version of FFIV:
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    Kickstarted to Death

    Bloodstained was probably a bad example for you to pick, as it is pretty much a perfect example of what I'm talking about. I don't know if you actually followed that campaign while it was live, but it was probably one of the most well planned out Kickstarters I've seen. There was no "suddenly...
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    Kickstarted to Death

    To be honest, I'm not entirely sure I can agree in most cases. Ideally, a Kickstarter for a project that intends to be sold to a mass market in the end will want to obtain exactly enough money to make the game and no more. The reason for this is that there is a diminished value in Kickstarter...
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    Kickstarted to Death

    lol... XO was an impulse backing for me. I know almost nothing about the project other than someone on another site recommended it, and I thought it looked kind of neat. I look forward to seeing what the hell I actually put money toward.
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    Kickstarted to Death

    I've found that the secret to not being disappointed by crowd funding is to not give a shit. I've now backed... around 10? projects so far, and almost all of those are still in development. But what I don't do is follow every last dev log or whatever that the project puts out, because game...
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    Sony: Mobile Market "Climate" to Blame For Vita Failure

    *raises hand* I've tried gaming on Android. Can't stand it. Touch screens are piss poor interfaces for most kinds of gaming, and even if Sony were to design an Android based system with real controls, it still wouldn't matter since that's not standard, so no one else is going to design...
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    Why the fuck didn't anyone tell me how fantastic Elite Dangerous was?

    I do plan to buy this game, but only after I get my HOTAS setup and maybe after I get either an Oculus Rift or Vive(whichever seems more appealing at the time).
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    Non Lethal Lethal Takedowns

    Very little makes me want to eventually buy this game more than this clip:
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    Video Game Voice Actors May Go On Strike

    You say even in Japan, but really, it actually makes more sense in Japan than it does elsewhere. Because voice acting is a bigger deal there, supply is plentiful. Top notch quality is fairly common, and good quality is pretty much ubiquitous. Add to that that anime is ridiculously low budget...