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    Broforce Review - FREEEEDOOOMMM!!

    Cool, might have to try it again :)
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    Broforce Review - FREEEEDOOOMMM!!

    Yea, I was a bit confused too. That game is over a year old at this point and everyone who was interested played it and is done by now.
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    New Tabletop Games for Fall - The Must See at Essen Spiel 2015

    Quick note: when you say, "no really this is a euro game, only it has dice and the main mechanic is attacking each other!" then no, it's not a euro game. Euros can be GREAT. They can also be multiplayer solitaire. It also depends on the people you're playing with. Don't blame good games...
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    Rock Band 4 Review - \m/ ^_^ \m/

    Yea, this is killing me. On one hand, I really liked the old games. On the other, this isn't anything new, there hasn't been so long of a gap since I stopped playing that I'm itching to play again, there really isn't anything new and cool I'd like to try with this, the set list is...
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    Pixels - An Affront to Videogames and Gamers

    I know it's probably a dirty word around here, but just watch MovieBob's review. Damn, he tears this movie to shreds.
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    The Reason You're (Not) A Console Gamer

    That right there is MUCH more than enough to turn off many gamers. Then there's driver issues. Then there's issues of which settings do I need to turn down/off to make the game not run like garbage. It just kinda keeps going on like that. The problem was, for a while there, you'd buy a...
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    The Reason You're (Not) A Console Gamer

    I feel like it used to not even be a fight. There were a few PC games which everyone played and were well worth having a PC capable of running them (most of the Blizzard stuff during their heyday, CS, etc.), and other than that, it just wasn't worth the cost and trouble to play on a PC. It was...
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    8 Great Roguelikes that You Can't Stop Playing

    Just finished the story mode on Hand of Fate. That game has been a ton of fun so far.
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    So Who Is DRM For Anyway?

    I absolutely love this reply. It's nothing but a load of garbage ignoring 905 of what was said while trying to be on the highest of horses possible, while trying to claim I'm on a high horse about something. Bravo random internet person, bravo.
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    So Who Is DRM For Anyway?

    I work with a the type of people being complained about here. I can't understand it. They: 1) Will buy and play almost any FPS, even if it's not very good or original at all, "at least it's something new and any FPS is fun. If any is fun, I question why they don't just stick with older...
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    Sadly, a lot of that comic hasn't gone well. I really wanted to like it, but..... Anyway, I'm glad I've been reading Critical Miss for a while now, I still feel like I'm ground floor enough on it that I can link an especially good one to someone and they won't reply, "yea, saw it 4 hrs ago...
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    User Ratings Determine Worst Board Games are Family Favorites

    Then you haven't played the right kinds of board games ;)
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    Legend of Korra: A Fantastic Finale With a Perfect Ending

    This was a pretty bad series finale. It was 30 mins of a season finale + 10 mins of, "quick, lets try to wrap up all this other stuff!" Parts didn't make sense (Bolin can officiate weddings? Asami's dad dies and then 5 mins later she's partying, followed by 10 seconds of sad, then, lets...
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    8 Board Games To Make Holiday Family Time More Fun

    Wow, this is a horrible list. No, most of these games will NOT make holiday time more fun, they'll remind everyone why they hated old board games. No, no one is going to laugh at "wood for sheep" jokes. Catan is old enough to vote at this point, no one hasn't heard that joke before...
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    Lets be fair: it's monumentally absurd to many of us here, as well. It kinda sucks living in a country with so many stupid people and at the same time, all my stuff is here.