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    Seiken Densetsu Collection Announced for Nintendo Switch

    That would definitely be a strong enough push that I'd actually buy a Switch, after not buying a console for over 10 years. I never thought I'd find myself really wanting to buy a console again. Sadly I still don't believe they would localize it for the US/EU though, not even to push Switch sales.
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    Frequent Overwatch Match-Quitters to Pay a Hefty Price

    This seems completely fair. It's a slap on the wrist punishment for a slap on the wrist level crime. I'll admit, I've considered leaving quickplay matches during hero picks after seeing, say 3 defensive heroes and 3 offensive heroes (no tank, no healer) on a payload attack mission. I stick...
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    Things you have lost taste for.

    Junk food. This includes most candy as well as fried foods. I do like some dark chocolate but I don't eat it often and I'll still eat fries but at a rate of about once every 2-3 months but that's all I can stomach. I think anything that's been deep fried just tastes like deep fried batter. I've...
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    Mages of Mystralia Preview - Simply Spellbinding

    The art style reminds me of Wind Waker, in a good way. I love how colorful it is.
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    New Trailer Shows Off Street Fighter V's Guile

    I don't remember Guile being so thick. Maybe my memory is tinted but I remember Guile being less beef than Zangief. I guess everyone is extra bonus beef in SFV though. Google has mixed results, and Jean Claude Van Damme, which I approve of.
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    World of Warcraft Legion Expansion to Release in August

    I'm actually unusually excited for this expansion because my class (rogue) has a lot more changes than it usually does. I'm sure I'll settle back into form pretty quickly but it'll be nice to try something that's at least somewhat new compared to a lot of previous expansions where I felt like...
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    CliffyB Says FPS Campaigns Take up 75% of The Budget

    When did SlappyB become legendary? From Unreal Tournament I guess? I thought Chris Avellone was the dev darling at the moment, and well deservedly. Hopefully Slappy doesn't get upset if his multiplayer-only game doesn't sell to people who prefer singleplayer campaigns or if people move on from...
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    Capcom Explain's Ken's Bizarre New Street Fighter V Look

    So trombone guard in the 9th picture is going to be a character too right? He seems pretty into it and I'm going to assume the fire is actually from his trombone.
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    The Just Cause 3 Launch Trailer is a Fan-Made Rap about Explosions

    Apparently not everyone agrees, but I thought it was actually pretty hilarious in a stupid kind of way. It actually really makes me want to buy it and try it tomorrow and I almost never buy or play games on release. And for once it's not the "In a World" cliche voice that only works as a parody...
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    The Fantastic Cosplay of Forest City Comic Con - Part 2

    Awesome. The Oogie Boogie cosplay is particularly impressive. I thought the guy on the left in the last picture, the Assassin's Creed one, was actually from Bloodborne with the threaded cane. I didn't realize Assassin's Creed also had a sword cane.
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    Favorite character designs

    Ryu and the Sylvari were already mentioned so I guess I'll go with Raziel from Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.
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    Erin's Razor

    I think everyone falls for it occasionally. I've purchased Assassin's Creed 3 as well as Brink; I attempted to play them both as punishment. Sometimes I go to Metacritic not to check ratings but to see how they change and eventually settle over time. I find it interesting to compare the...
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    NYCC 2015 Cosplay Part 2

    Geisha Joker might be my favorite just for taking the Joker in such a different direction; the woman on the left in the Wonderland picture has very impressive makeup too.
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    No Private Dedicated Servers For Overwatch

    This actually might completely kill Overwatch for me. I still play Counterstrike because of the communities on the servers I play on. That's the only reason I still play any online games, Blizzard games included. I don't give a damn about matchmaking; I don't want to play with random stranger...
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    8 Features that Drastically Changed World of Warcraft

    To each their own I guess, I like this list and the changes in general. Transmog, area loot, reagent tab, cross-realm play, flex raiding, and dual talents have all been huge boons. Flex raiding took some time though. I think they've done a much better job scaling mechanics between 10 and 30...