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    Difficulty levels in videogames

    I?d love to see more games designed like this, where damage dished out is physically represented by an enemy?s diminished ability to fight back. Horizon is great at this with its components system, and I remember MGS: Peace Walker had some bosses like this as well. Even a health bar game like...
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    Difficulty levels in videogames

    Difficulty menus are better for some games than others (mostly fighting and sports) but for most genres usually Easy>Medium>Hard>Ultra Hard etc. only involve arbitrary sliders like damage taken, damage given, ammo count, availability of pickups, etc. It all adds up to a big ?Meh?. I?d...
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    How could Disney redeem itself from The Last Jedi?

    I would rather them actually take more risks and not play it completely safe, but I don't think that will ever happen. Just announce KOTOR as canon and I'll be happy.
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    An "Gaming" Journalist says Red Dead Redemption 2 should be in modern era

    Well at least we know who won't be getting work as a writer themselves any time soon...
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    Metal Gear Survive open beta starts today, ends the 21st Jan

    I'm not touching it, but I did see a clip with someone summoning RAY. That's pretty cool at least. I think I'm more excited for the possibility of Metal Gears in the FOX engine than anything else tbh.
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    Biggest flaws in your favorite games?

    'Loose Ends' used to give me nightmares on Veteran. Especially because I reached a bad spawn on the hill at the end and kept dying. World at War, on the other hand... JESUS CHRIST. GRENADES. IT'S RAINING GRENADES. How I platinumed that game, I'll never know. Maybe I have nerves of steel.
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    The Silent Hill Series Discussion (SPOILERS)

    I guess as fans we can choose what we see as canon and what we see as crap you can ignore. Like Metal Gear Solid V for instance, that never happened. Noooopeeee...
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    Gaming Unpopular opinion

    Come on my man, 9 is clearly the best! I don't think anything has ever disappointed me so much in my life as MGSV did. It still hurts to watch the trailers. Anyway, here's mine: -Dark Souls needs a pause button, but only for offline mode. I don't care if the hardcore nerds would complain...
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    The Silent Hill Series Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Don't some of the games directly contradict stuff that's already happened, though? Origins does, iirc.
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    The Silent Hill Series Discussion (SPOILERS)

    I'm a wimp who is shit scared of anything spooky, so the only game in the series I've properly played is Silent Hill 2. I know the story of the other games, but 1 and 3 just make me feel so uncomfortable I can't get very far in them. Silent Hill 2 has a perfect blend of eerie calm and downright...
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    Difficulty levels in videogames

    I've noticed that different types of videogames handle difficulty in certain ways. Part of the fun of playing action games like Devil May Cry on a higher difficulty is enemies changing tactics, doing more damage and taking a lot more skill to beat, there's a real sense of satisfaction from...
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    Dark Souls... On the Go!

    Well from what I remember about other remasters, trophies from DLC are usually included in their own separate lists a-la Skyrim, but Dark Souls didn't have trophies for AotA so I'm not too sure.
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    Biggest flaws in your favorite games?

    Souls series. It?s amazing that for a series known for such high attention to detail they all have some blatant clipping issues. No, hollow/beast. Your sword/claws as cool as they may be, should not be able to ghost through that door frame I snuck behind trying to escape your vile wrath.
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    You like THAT?!

    Well, bit of a flipside for mine. At work, we run our own online newspaper that me and some other people occasionally review movies on. Now this other guy, is like the definition of a fanboy. His reviews without fail consist of 'I thought it was awesome, people be hatin' , can't wait for...
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    Do you still base your game purchases on whether Yahtzee recommends it?

    God no, I watch him for entertainment really. If I based every purchase I've done on what he thought I'd probably have about 4 games.