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    Ninja Theory's Hellblade Deletes Your Save if You Die Too Many Times

    I guess you guys haven't caught up to the train that's confirmed the permadeath is actually a lie that never happens in game, and that the corruption will actually just stop increasing/gets reset at set points in the game.
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    Over 50,000 People Have Been Banned from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for Cheating

    I mean, two early access survival games aren't quite a comparison to a more streamlined, PVP-only competitive game. Much more likely to see the light of release than any janky survival mess that usually ends up forgotten by players and devs alike before completion. EDIT: This coming from...
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    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Selling Limited-Time Cosmetic Crates and Keys to Fund Tournament Prize Pool

    It's cool that these are going to be directly Battle Royale inspired, but I have to wonder what that actually means considering almost everyone was in high-school uniforms.
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    Titanfall 2 is Adding a Co-op Mode Next Week for Free

    It's worth mention that Titanfall 2 is also 50% off on Origin at the moment.
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    The Pixelmon Minecraft Mod Has Shut Down After a Request from The Pokemon Company

    And being a Minecraft mod, it's basically still available everywhere else.
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    Atari CEO Says the Company is "Back in the Hardware Business"

    RIP new Atari, I guess. There really isn't room for a new console to enter the ring.
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    Overwatch Offering Double XP For the Last Weekend of its Anniversary Event

    Funny, there was a big thread about doing just this on the r/Overwatch, and I was 100% in agreement with the people saying Blizzard was too focused on those crate shekels to ever let people unlock more of them faster during an event.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Pushed Back to Spring 2018

    So ~IF~ it does get a PC version, it'll be like 2020 at the earliest. On the flip side, being able to type 2020 and realize the future is nearly here is pretty cool.
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    The Witcher TV Series Is In the Works at Netflix

    I guess people are forgetting that this would be the second time The Witcher has been adapted for television.
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    Square Enix is Looking to Sell Off Hitman Developer IO Interactive

    Pretty sure Squeenix is still feeling the huge financial hole that development of the last two Final Fantasies has created for them.
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    Next Ark: Survival Evolved Patch Will Activate the Volcano, So Move Your Bases

    It's a shame Ark doesn't do mandatory wipes for updates like this, as Rust does now and then. EDIT: Then again, with Ark's ridiculous 14 hour (realtime hours) dinosaur tames, I can see why that would also be an issue.
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    Robot Trained to Shoot Guns is "Not a Terminator," Insists Russia

    So how long before Russia has one of these aboard the ISS as part of their contingent?
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    Update: Gearbox Backs Out of Controversial Bulletstorm/G2A Promo

    I don't know why they thought that offering an exclusive collector's edition would somehow give them the leverage to transform a Russian key thief site into any sort of respectable digital marketplace.
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    Sega Has a Bayonetta Countdown

    I wanna know if we'll ever get that Vanquish PC port that Platinum mentioned interest in putting out.
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    A Movie Adaptation of We Happy Few is Coming

    This is definitely a case where a movie is actually a much better idea for the setting than the game is. While they do promise story at the end of early access, I doubt it will make up for the repeating randomly generated survival parts.