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    Need help promoting my book!

    Of course! Mind you the excerpt that's currently up is a draft version, I'm still working on the final version which is going to take a long damn while, but there's 70+ days left so I have time
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    Need help promoting my book!

    So im using Inkshares on advice from a friend of mine, the book is already completed but i have to hit 750 preorders before they'll publish it. Aside from facebook, twitter, etc., anyone know how to promote something like this?
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    Beauty and the Beast - Time to Crush a Rose

    *Bottom Line: Slightly better than a disaster, the new Beauty and the Beast does not even come close to living up to the THEATRICAL 1991 version* Fixed that for you, cause the "special" edition is just that, an edition that belongs nowhere but the short bus. Of course trying to find a...
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    #165: Old Friends

    Remember, this is all in a game, and she smoked a bowl before playing this game. Someone must have mixed some wicked peyote into that strain
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    #153: Dumb Question

    immediately thought of the austin powers "who throws a shoe" scene
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    Hearthstone's Next Adventure - One Night in Karazhan revealed

    did anyone notice that almost every character in this has like a super pointed jaw? like you could drill for oil if you put those on a power drill
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    Gul'dan Joins Heroes of The Storm

    people still play this? last time i tried to play it was taking over 6 minutes to make a match before i decided to close it
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    Need some advice on getting a selfish gofundme promoted

    Title pretty much explains it. I just graduated about a month ago from my university and my inbox for hearing back for a job has been collecting dust and families of spiders. Worse yet is that i have an ok job that makes enough to pay for the house i want, the bank says that i dont make enough...
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    Thor: Ragnarok Will Co-Star Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk

    So much this. Why else would they have Hulk in there? Either that or Hulk/Thor "somehow" found each other and Hulk wanted to get away ergo the whole mind control schtick
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    Super Dungeon Bros Preview - Are You Ready to Rock!?

    Sorry but this looks and sounds mediocre. Clunky movement, screeching sound bytes and it just honestly has that art style of free-to-play games you can find littered all over Steam.
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    World of Warcraft: Legion Expansion Revealed

    Talk about a crossover battle: Tirion's Scourge vs. The Burning Legion: Whoever the Legion kills, Tirion just brings back as an undead and they're ready to re-enter the fray
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    Crowdfunding campaign launched's not going well.

    Sure thing
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    Crowdfunding campaign launched's not going well.

    Pretty much done all that and given some good perk incentives: collectors edition dvd's, limited signed posters, early access to both behind the scenes footage and to the film itself as well as photo's and nods to the people who donated. Put it on relevant forums as well as got some press...
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    Crowdfunding campaign launched's not going well.

    Ok so I've got this indiegogo campaign goin to finish this film i've been doin for the past year, thought it'd be easy to get a bunch of people to donate $1 a piece so i can finish it. Apparently not. 3 days, 352 views and 6$. Bought adspace for it on facebook, promo'd it on crunchyroll and...