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    Web cartoons you grew up watching.

    I stopped paying attention when they actually went for a serious plot. Like instead of goofy hi-jinks, the Red vs Blue war was like some great conspiracy by a shadow government to cover up their use of AI controlled agents, and then they kept introducing badass no-nonsense action ladies(they had...
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    The Democratic Primary is Upon Us! - Biden is the Presumptive Nominee

    Well looks like Trump will win in a landslide now. D'oh well, we tried
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    Banned Escapists To Be Granted Amnesty On New Forums.

    Saelune showed up briefly, but I think she deleted her account
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    Bad News, Everyone

    Okay I've heard that phrase. Involuntary celibate, yes? People who can't get laid/relationships. Is that a male only thing? I mean surely there are women out there who want boy/girlfriends who can't get any? Do they count as incels, or merely singles, and Incel is a movement? Also if a guy...
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    Mod Edit: New forums are live for beta testing! Link in OP (April 3, 2020)

    Come on man, the mods edited the title after I posted. I wasn't be sarcastic, I legitimately had never heard of forum 2.0
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    Bad News, Everyone

    So is this like a troll conference? It seems like its a anti-feminist tongue-in-cheek joke? Like i can't imagine they're serious
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    Poll: Lucky cat lore

    I think this might help. I think its mostly because the idea cats have something to do with witches, or are witches themselves. As the others have said cat folklore varies practically from town to town or even house to house.
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    Mod Edit: New forums are live for beta testing! Link in OP (April 3, 2020)

    What do you mean? What forums? And what's a legacy user?
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    John Wick as a game?

    I mean we already have the Just Cause, Space Marine, God of War and Halo series. They're about super human demigods destroying entire nations
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    What's Cookin, Good Lookin?

    Well I can bridge the gap with SilentPony's Gourmet 5 Cheese Mac and Cheese. Start with short elbow noodles, boiled in water with a little salt. Drain and set aside. Preheat oven to 350. For the cheese sauce start with milk, heating slowly in a pan. Stir in flour and cook until its...
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    Castevania Season 3

    it didn't really. Issac and Hector's plots were...well, not. They were pointless, drawnout, repetitive, boring and obvious. Alucard's was absurd and filler. Only Sypha and Trevor held any interest, mystery or intrigue and ultimately came to anything. The other 3 just went "boo" and then stopped.
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    Castevania Season 3

    Awesome. I hope they write more than 1 plot this time and give Alucard a character. He's been lacking sorely these last 3 seasons. Look forward to remembering this show exists in 2023 when season 4 drops on April 3rd.
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    Corvid-19 and its impact (name edit)

    What about the fact the research facility where they were conducting the bat/human hybrid corona-virus research is less than 300 meters from the fishmarket where the Chinese government claims this all started from? All Im saying is that no, this didn't start in Chicago, London, Madrid or Tokyo...