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    No Right Answer: New Escapist Show Pitches

    How can anyone fill a Jim Sterling-sized hole? It's enormous... in terms of integrity-filled lovely content. Love ya, Jim! I'm off to give more on your Patreon!
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    Game Theory: Wii U is the New Virtual Boy

    Kablam shoutout! I didn't hear anything before or after that.
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    Game Theory: Why You Play Video Games

    Arabic boob channel? Well, my afternoon's booked solid now.
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    No Right Answer: Attack on Attack on Titan

    Suggestions? Cowboy Bebop! Sorry, Chris. You shouldn't have whispered. Couldn't hear you over Bebop theme song that's always playing in my head.
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    No Right Answer: Is Clickbait Good or Bad?

    Kyle! Don't get my hopes up like that. Had me psyched for an episode that'll never air now.
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    Facebook Buys The Escapist for $90 Million - Update

    Whoo, you got me.
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    Killzone: Shadow Fall Review

    Holy crap, a whole review on a single page? I love you, Mr. Sterling!
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    The Big Picture: Summer's End

    Whoo! I got the reference!
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    A Comic About Breasts

    Heh, she Mickey Mouse Ear'd the elf.
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    Feed Dump: Threats, Murders and KFC

    Yeah, Ypsilanti mention!. 1st time anywhere ever! We can close down the city now, folks. It's all downhill from here.
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    Escape to the Movies: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

    I'm just glad that mid-credits comments will be returning. You had me worried, Bob.
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    Recommendation for Anime series to show to girlfriend

    Show her the Cowboy Bebop episode "Pierrot Le Fou". This is always the introductory anime episode I show to a friend who's entirely new to the genre. No matter their background, age, or gender, after they see this episode the reaction's always the same: "Where can I find more?"
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    If you could go back and tell your teenage self one piece of advice...

    I'd probably just tell myself something cryptic like "Don't trust the Snowman".
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    Poll: Mass Effect: Which character class is your favourite?

    Engineer, but mostly because that's my profession.
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    Nier Review

    Played Nier from start to finish, and I mean the very last finish. T'was a deeply depressing game when you realize what the truth of the game's events are after subsequent playthroughs and reading through the designers' notes.