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    Dark Horse (Digitally) Bundles Every Star Wars Comic Ever

    A lot of those "568" comics are bundles, so its actually a lot more than that.
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    What Our Review Scores Mean

    Well it makes sense considering they won't be using the half star much. They have 4 good scores(5-3,5), 4 bad scores(2,5), 1 average(3) and 1 broken as shit(0,5). Having 2,5 be average would mean there were 4 bad scores(05-2) and 5 good scores(3-5) so it's more even this way.
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    What Our Review Scores Mean

    The stars have always been here so how is it worse?
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    What Our Review Scores Mean

    Jim can't go back in time and change something that happened almost three years ago. Holy shit it's been three years and people are still angry about it, wow. He did say something in the article though:
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    Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: Legacy of Rogues

    Good poem Jim but nothing beats your Ekans poem :P
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    Escapist Podcast: Bonus: Game of Thronescast!

    This podcast isn't about the books, it's about the television series, which is on the third book. So I didn't expect spoilers from anything after book 3. Like I said, I was already 99% sure he wasn't dead so it wasn't a big spoiler, I was just asking them to not talk more about the later books.
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    Escapist Podcast: Bonus: Game of Thronescast!

    Please don't talk about the later books. I'm on the fourth right now and it says Theon is dead. I didn't really believe it, but now I know it isn't true. Other than that love the podcast :)
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    Poll: Would you pay for an RPG Maker game?

    All I care about is if a game is good. So yes, I would. I bought To the Moon on Steam when it came out.
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    The Time I Wasn't John Marston

    I do the same thing you do, not just in RDR, but in most games. That's not a problem with the game in my opinion, it's a strength. People like me who care about story can do that, and immerse themselves fully in the character. Others who just want to run around tying nuns to train tracks can do...
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    Just Cause Dev Claims PS4 Will Out-Power Most PCs For Years

    ...Even my laptop has 12 GB RAM.
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    Torment: Tides of Numenera Burns Up Kickstarter - UPDATED

    Never thought my name would be on a tomb stone this early :P
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    Movie Defense Force: Mortal Kombat

    I'll let Jim explain it to you.
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    The Story Behind Alien: Colonial Marine's Failure

    I wish more devs could reaize this...
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    Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale Kicks Off Today

    They want to collect as much money as possible before they release the nextbox?. Then, like Sony, they will probably not let you keep the games on your new machine.