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    Game of Throne's Daenerys Will be in The Han Solo Movie

    It annoys me more than it should that it's titled "Game of Thrones Daenerys" and not "Game of Thrones Emilia Clarke".
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    Pokemon GO is Draining Cell Phone Batteries Fast

    Went for a 45 minute walk with the game on power saving mode, lost 80% of my battery. My battery is already pretty shit but that is still a pretty big draw.
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    Pokemon GO Begins Worldwide Launch, Starting With Australia

    Just downloaded it then. Looks like I have Onix, Ekans and Aerodactyl near me.
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    No More Bastion Please - How Overwatch's "Play of The Game" Works

    Building on from this, even a team play of the game. I had a game where the enemy team had wiped us and we're capping the point. My team all grouped together and wiped them out to win the game. Mei froze everyone with her alt and all of us finished them off. One guy got the POTG when it should...
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    Leicester City have won the English Premier League.

    It was an amazing season for Leicester, I didn't give them much chance of continuing their early season form but they certainly proved me wrong. Hopefully this makes Wenger actually sign some players for Arsenal this season! As to bringing the country together, in Australia the AFL grand...
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    I like physical copies but cannot deny the convenience of digital downloads.

    Considering my physical copy of Fallout 4 only cost $60 (Australia) while the digital copy was $100 I prefer physical copies. Definitely wouldn't mind having a download code for the game included so I don't have to keep changing discs but it is what it is.
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    Assassin's Creed Syndicate Review - A Tale of Brother-and-Sisterhood

    Picked it up on PS4 today for PS4 and I'm really enjoying it so far. Only one bug where an enemy floated a foot off the ground for a few seconds but nothing else and definitely nothing resembling Unity. The two playable characters are interesting and I like the different play styles each has...
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    One Piece Is Less than 80% Finished

    I just started watching again from the start because I forgot what episode I was up to in the Dressrosa Arc. Plus I probably missed a whole bunch watching the subbed version so this time I'm watching the dub. Skipping the filler though.
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    What would make you play CoD again?

    I really enjoyed CoD up until Black Ops and then I grew tired of it because it changed too much. I would like them to go back to basics, have maps like they did in Modern Warfare where there's a decent mixture of open, large maps and smaller ones (shipment again anyone?). Also would it kill them...
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    Stumped For D&D Character Ideas? How About This F#%&ing Random Generator!

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    Let's talk about weather

    Here in Adelaide we have just had a week of temperatures of 38C+ and half the hills were on fire. Now we're expecting to get the most rain over three days that we've had in 30 years! It's fair to say that the weather here is messed up at the moment.
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    Where have you been all my life?!?!

    Found mine a few months ago. In memory of Rick Myall I decided to watch his tv shows The Young Ones and Bottom. My god they were some of the funniest things I have ever seen!
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    Gunman holding hostages in Martin Place (Sydney - Australia)

    The police did not fail at all! They were professional and did an excellent job, waiting it out for 17 hours for the right time to go in. With the threat of bombs around the city there was no way in hell they were going in until that threat was removed. Not to mention there were so many...
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    The Sports Injury Thread

    I've had lots of injuries from playing soccer. Besides the usual twisted ankles and bruises, I've also fucked up both of my knees, tripped over someone and somersaulted through the air knocking myself out for a few seconds, and I've nearly dislocated both shoulders just by taking the throw ins...
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    Poll: Do you believe the Friend Zone exists?

    A girl I was talking to (quite interested in too) said she had put a couple of guys in the friendzone recently because she didn't have the same feelings. So yes, I think it does exist.