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    Can someone explain the 'good' Bloodborne ending to me?

    Simple: You're a kid now, you're a squid now.
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    Zero Punctuation: Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

    "Bollock Burrito" really is a golden line. Also this is a very late wednesday.
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    8 Ridiculously Expensive Gaming Peripherals that You Still Want

    I can get behind fancy wood and metal keyboards and an 8k screen I suppose. The racing chair and stupid desk are just not for me. But everything else would require me to have zero taste, and that's something that money (clearly) can't buy.
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    Fallout 4 Mods Are Finally Coming to PS4 With Restrictions

    I'm familiar with the nexus, and that's kinda my point. The nexus is a 3rd-party site not affiliated with bethesda in anyway except hosting things built with their programs and for their programs in a very unofficial capacity. Thus any liability falls on the user. But with console mods, all...
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    Fallout 4 Mods Are Finally Coming to PS4 With Restrictions

    People keep on throwing this all on sony, but honestly I think it's just speaking volumes about Bethesda's complete lack of will in quality control. They want all the benefits with none of the cost, so sony, sensibly, has to place ludicrous restrictions to make sure that game-breaking, trademark...
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    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's Zombie Mode Stars David Hasselhoff as the DJ in an 80s Theme Park

    Is this the definition of 'trying too hard'? Also, zombies used to be kinda interesting in World at War (Which jesus fuck that's old now), and Black Ops but just kept on sliding after that...
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    Games you want remade with better graphics?

    Oblivion and New Vegas. Also the Spyro games, 1-3, and throw 4 in as well, that was good. Oh, and the Ratchet and Clank games but minus the stupid story being forced in that the remake had. But please, just re-do Oblivion, and let Obsidian have either a remaster of New Vegas or another...
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    Sony Bend Introduces Days Gone at E3 With New Trailer

    People are moaning about yet more zombies, but I'm really confused about how the PS4 can render that many zombies at once? Or are the new consoles a lot more capable than I thought?
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    Fallout 4 Mods Are Headed to PS4, But There Are Some Issues

    Or in other news Bethesda don't want to support the playstation platform, as they have a pretty bad history of doing so? Wanting the money of the platform, but not wanting to put the effort in, same thing currently as with their attitude to mods as a whole.
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    Skyrim HD Remake Announced, Free For PC

    Shame that they're not bothering with the god-awful writing. Then it might actually be worth a 'remaster'. I'm not liking this whole console generation, we used to complain about samey sequels but now it's just the same game full-stop.
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    Bethesda Details Next Fallout 4 DLC

    Oh boy. Skyrim remastered. Oh boy. Oh. Boy. Christ, the fuck is this console generation? Machines are barely different, and the games can't even manage that, instead being re-release upon re-release upon re-release. Guess we have to look forward to having Skyrim and Fallout 4 remakes for the...
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    Morrowind Remaster Not Going to Happen, Says Bethesda

    You misunderstand. They want to make money without effort. That's why their games feature more and more repeating non-content. OP: I'll accept a remastered oblivion or fallout: new vegas. And maybe Skyrim if they make the factions and side quests actually decent, but that'd require effort...
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    TES IV: Oblivion: What is the opinion about it?

    I meant more in terms of what issues could be feasibly fixed, such as the levelling system compared to something that you couldn't like Skyrim's fuck-awful guild questlines.
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    TES IV: Oblivion: What is the opinion about it?

    Pump it up with a load of mods for graphics, levelling and combat first, but really the quests are pretty damn cool, can't speak about Morrowind, but far above the level of Skyrim's randomly-generated-fetch-quest-a-thon. But seriously, them quests, even the smallest quests have a little personal...
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    PSA: Last Chance to Get Fallout 4's Season Pass Before Price Hike

    I was thinking of possibly buying it before they announced the price hike, now they can go fuck right off. You can't make your practices even worse when CD Projekt Red showed you up in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of game design.