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    [Politics] In Light of Recent Events, How Do You Feel About "Preachy" Environmentalist Media

    "Preachy" environmentalist media tends to skimp on actual science, and follow more extremist environmentalism. Because all we need right now is more extremism! /sarcasm It does bother me that a lot of people put politics before science. Every place on earth is suffering very visible...
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    [Politics] UK Suspends Parliament

    This. I think most people who voted for Brexit wanted some kind of stable transition, not no-deal Brexit. No deal brexit is the worst possible outcome. Boris will build a wall! That will work great, because it's working so well in the US under Trump! /s
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    Elite & Dangerous what's your opinion?

    It has it's ups and downs. I have been playing it on and off for the past year. - I do like that you can actually fly your spaceship. I stopped playing EVE by the time my monthly trial was over because I want to ~fly~ my ship, not "set to orbit at 500m". - I love the 1-1 scale milky way...
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    Really enjoying Horizon Zero Dawn

    I haven't played BoTW or Witcher 3. Horizon Zero Dawn has some flaws, but it is my favorite game so far. I love the juxtaposition between tribal (Native American) elements and the advanced technology of the old ones. The contrast between the vibrant and sunny present, and the bleak and...
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    Mortal Kombat Devs traumatised by creating the gore in the game

    ^That. The issue as I see it is not whether it is more disturbing then those jobs, but rather that this was not necessary, and it was not an understood part of the position. Would it be ok if a kindergarten teacher was forced to watch the same horrific videos? I would say no, their job...
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    Chinese scientist edited monkey genome with human brain gene

    I agree, cross-species genetics really will open pandora's box. One of the things that makes life so resilient here on Earth is biodiversity. If 9 species of frog die to a virus, there is probably 1 species out there that is immune. If we take that into our own hands and start...
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    The Playstation 5 is coming! First details

    Hmm, I though VR was going to play a bigger role in the PS5s design? Looks like VR is going to continue to remain optional rather then central. Which may be for the best as VR tech doesn't seem quite there yet. ^Agree. I have both a xbox360 and a ps4, and while the xbox 360 controller is...
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    Notre Dame Cathedral is Burning Badly right now.

    It's like the Library of Alexandria going up in smoke. Notre Dame is one of the biggest historical and architectural treasures in Europe. The level of detail that went into the building's construction was positively insane. ^That. Notre Dame will be rebuilt (At the very least because...
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    Star Wars Episode 9.....The Rise of Skywalker.

    So... that's it? The trailer shows nothing. What is there to be excited for? Merchandising > Death
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    Bearded men carry 'more germs than dogs', study finds

    18 men is way too small of a sample size! Also, this is glorious news! Beards can finally be used as a biological weapon, mwhahahaha!
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    Easy mode =/= accessibility.

    Easy mode is a good start towards accessibility. It can address a lot of the most common accessibility needs. I am 100% behind all of those. I think all games should provide accessibility options. Most of the games that I've played that are designed for PC-first have accessibility options...
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    [POLITICS] Julian Assange Arrested

    ^That in a nutshell. The arrest is without merit, boiling down to "We don't like whistleblowers". Given Trump's hatred of the press, I expect to see Assange spend the rest of his life behind bars in the US. Even though Assange helped Trump's campaign win. Ah America, you keep using that...
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    In Search of a Mindless Game

    Angry Birds, Peggle, Plague Inc., Plants vs. Zombies, etc. Cell phone games are made for just moving your fingers but not needing to be too involved. For me, turn-based games work best when I want to multitask. I do put them on easy mode if I'm trying to multitask as I can't multitask very...
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    Spiritual Successors will never replace the originals let alone surpass them.

    The Bioshock series a spiritual successor to System Shock. Better worldbuilding, better gameplay, better game. The Dead Space series is a spiritual successor to Aliens and Event Horizon. But with more attention to detail and better guns. Halo was a spiritual successor to Marathon. Marathon...
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    Kotaku article re: Dragon Age 4

    So for 4 years it was going along good, making smart decisions to revert to their RPG roots. And then all that got completely thrown away for "Anthem, With Dragons"? While I don't like it, I do understand that EA might have "games as a service" as it's motive... But, A good game will make...