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    Large Hadron Collider May Prove Parallel Universes Exist By Spring

    That guy is hilarious! I'm going to have to listen to this guy the next time I get drunk/high. His rant reminded me of the movie Contact,
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    Benedict Cumberbatch is Officially Marvel's Doctor Strange

    Additionally it's my hope that he keeps his accent and not use an American one (Is Dr. Strange american?)
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    Who Is Captain Marvel (And Why You Should Care)?

    To hazard a guess, I imagine part of the reason might be the salary she might try to negotiate. She is already supposedly making $20,000,000 (Yes, Twenty Million Dollars) for really a support role on Avengers 2...
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    LucasArts Classics Coming to - Update

    Dammit I forgot. A joystick is required to play. *mutter grumble*
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    LucasArts Classics Coming to - Update

    Now if GoG releases x-wing Alliance as well I wouldn't see the light of day for probably a month. :D
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    LucasArts Classics Coming to - Update

    Yep. They'll get my money too. :) I wonder if it happens to be a big seller developers might finally have another look at genre again. according to Wiki EA has the license to "develop Star Wars games for the core gaming market" So I wonder if it might give them pause to develop something new.
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    Hackers Claim Credit for Destiny, CoD Crash

    Then I'll put the question to everyone.....If it's so easy to DDoS a network what can be done to prevent or inoculate a network to this? If the local neighbourhood brats keep doing a run-by smash of your window, you would eventually set up a camera for the cops look at or put up a metal grate.
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    Hackers Claim Credit for Destiny, CoD Crash

    What label might you suggest?
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    Fun ways to screw with Telephone sales people

    It's kinda mean but...well....
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    Islamic State Hijacks GTA V for Recruitment Video

    Well...They weren't the first to try really.
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    Here's The Very Comic Book-Looking Vision From Avengers 2

    I think Black Widow is behind the guy shrugging. I was disappointed too.
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    Physics-Defying Space Drive Confirmed by NASA, May Revolutionize Spaceflight

    And the point *I* was making that a system already exists and is proven to exist with the same thrust abillity. Edit: Captcha-White Rabbit Hmm...even captcha has its Alice-in-Wonderland suspicions. :)
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    Physics-Defying Space Drive Confirmed by NASA, May Revolutionize Spaceflight

    If this indeed factual, it still apparently does not produce anymore thrust than current ion drives. However in reading the linked article, I get the same "Cold Fusion" vibe from it. It was all the craze in 1989-1990 but was later shown to be...
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    Nathan Fillion's Guardians of the Galaxy Cameo Revealed

    Well I know it would have thrown all continuity to hell and back, but I kinda would have liked to have seen Malcolm Reynolds (and Zoe Walsh-AKA Gina Torres) haggling with some shop keeper in the background. Yea I know...I know. Firefly has sweet-fuck-all to do with Guardians of the Galaxy or...
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    Escape to the Movies: Lucy - It's Almost a Black Widow Movie

    Have a look here for a start to answer your question: As to River Tam, I agree. I see this movie as little different than the other superhero movies we've had over the past 10 yrs or so. Nobody bitched about how spider man could cling to...