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    Hatred Rated Adults Only by the ESRB

    So I wonder.... if your in-game victims make smart ass quips while you beat them to death (GTA, Saint's Row) it get's you an M rating. If your victims beg and plead for their lives while you do it that ups things to AO. That appears to be the only difference between the two games. What am I...
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    A Shadowy New Villain Menaces Agent Carter

    Bwhahahaha. I can't tell if this is a serious reply or a clever trolling attempt. I think I'll go check my white CIS male privilege now.
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    Name some good early access games.

    As others have said, Prison Architect and Space Engineers are by far the best values for early access games out there. Both provide many days of play value in their current state. I would also recommend Kenshi. It is a bit rougher than the other Early Access games mentioned before, but is...
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    Hotline Miami 2 Refused Classification in Australia - Update

    I'm willing to be these same government functionaries were probably part of the Je Sui Charlie! bandwagon a few days previous.
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    Roll For Sass! Check Out These Out-Of-Context D&D Quotes

    I will never forgot the time Thorgar the Barbarian decided to rape a small spiked dragon after defeating it. Especially when he succeeded at his grapple checks....
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    Just another recommend me an anime thread

    Yes, yes, 1000 times yes. It starts off as an Evangelion parody, but becomes a masterpiece in it's own right. Many of the English voice actors are the same as well, most notably Spike Spencer who plays Shinji/Akito.
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    Just another recommend me an anime thread

    Ping Pong Club I would explain my recommendation, but..... I honestly don't know how to explain this show. Oh, and stick with the English dub. It is very good and very necessary unless you are one of those people who have a very deep understanding of Japanese humor (i.e. no one outside of...
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    An Issue With Modern PC Games

    I think the biggest problem with PC game requirements (not just disk space) is that companies expect the customer to have the latest and greatest. Developers don't have the same incentive they once did to reign in space, memory, and graphical requirements. Back in the PC Dark Ages AAA games...
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    A Shadowy New Villain Menaces Agent Carter

    Yes, though what is your point? You did a massive quote but never specified what you were referring too.
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    A Shadowy New Villain Menaces Agent Carter

    Then you should definitely give this a pass unless the rest of the series miraculously turns out to be good. This show is unbelievably dull. When the mini series was announced I figured it would be a non-stop ride of action and intrigue considering they only have 8 episodes to work with. I...