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    Gallery: Here's Your Live-Action Attack On Titan Movie Cast

    Actually, we got a live action Guyver film with Mark Hamill that's pretty damn good from an American studio. I think in this case, an American or European studio should have had more of a hand in this because of the predominantly European building structures and (probably) location. Plus add the...
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    The Big Picture: Remembering the Real Jack Thompson

    Yeah Bob, it seems like you're just bringing up a list of things to say how bad he is and we should lay off Anita but nobody cares. We dislike Anita because she believes everyone who plays games or intakes media of any other kind is an idiot and is made in a misogynistic "patriarchy" supporter...
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    Jimquisition: Stupid Sexy Bayonetta

    But Bayonetta was designed by a woman as her own personal power fantasy. Someone who's sexual because she wants to be, not because there's a man she wants to bang.
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    The Big Picture: Schlocktober 2014: The X From Outer Space

    While you're all going on about Takeshi Kitano, I'm just realising that Kamen Rider Drake is in that weird(er) sequel. So it's not the first time for him dealing with aliens trying to destroy the planet anyway. And then I realised that way too many Kamen Riders have been in Prince of Tennis...
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    Feed Dump: The Ghost of Sexual Relations Past

    Yeah that was a crazy level of insight into the social class implications of each British supermarket chain whilst my knowledge of Canada comes to the cool looking money, nice people and basically being a better version of America. Also was that Manchester, England or the many other...
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    Rhianna Pratchett Won't Be Part Of Mirror's Edge 2

    3rd person, ew no. First person parkour action game was one of the selling points of the series to me. And you can go through the game without shooting anyone. In fact, it had an achievement for doing so. As for the writer, the story was one of the weaker points of the game but that's more...
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    Minecraft PS3 Edition Launches Tomorrow

    It's the one system that I would have thought it'd already have an announcement for. I'm glad there's a version available on nearly everything now but a Wii U is just built for this kind of game.
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    New Deep Down Trailer Crawls Out Of 2094 New York

    I like that it seems possible they could go between time periods with this. Maybe have a memory that has Greek mythology in it while another with medieval creatures.
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    Zack Snyder: Man of Steel Carnage is "Mythological"

    So am I the only one here who thinks that Man of Steel was actually pretty good? I do like the film for taking a bit of a more somber approach. I understand people who didn't like it but the majority of people who've seen it apart from me quite like it.
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    Escape to the Movies: The World's End

    You see, I thought the final message was I see where you're coming from but I don't agree that's what they were going for.
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    Dying Light Gameplay Debut Fights Zombies With Parkour

    Still has special infected. I mean I get what you mean but I think the OP meant like just zombies. None particularly stronger than any of the others and the goal is complete objectives and don't draw attention to yourself.
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    Six-Year-Old Upset By Lack of Female Friendly Avengers Toys

    Well I don't think anyone can blame for not know there was a Black Widow toy. I've never seen it advertised at all. She brings up good points though. Black Widow isn't a side character and she's not exactly pushed to the back in the marketing for the movies yet she's not even put on the box...
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    No Right Answer: Best Giant Ever: Robots vs Monsters

    Here's how it can be decided. Which ever one is the coolest to fight against wins. Sure giant robots are cool but it's usually with another giant robot. Giant monsters on the other hand... Shadow of the Colossus anyone?
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    Lone Ranger Goes Boom! To Tune Of $150 Million Loss

    This is like the ultimate argument against focus groups. They'll say what they think they should like, not what they actually do.
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    The Big Picture: With Great Power

    After seeing Tropes vs Women, I really wish that the passion had been thrown towards showing "Hey! Look at this woman can't make a good argument! Don't give her your money!" rather than just death and rape threats.