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    RWBY Japanese voice cast trailer

    Sure, because any version featuring actual VAs is inherently superior to the mostly atrocious original voice cast. But really, when you're making All the Worst Shounen Tropes: The Series you lose any right to complain about people thinking your series was actually Japanese. Because it really...
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    Lost Dimension Review - More Like Lost in the Plot

    The latest Atlus RPG? Atlus is only the publisher in the US, they had nothing to do with its development.
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    Female Game Characters Photoshopped to Average American Proportions

    Yeah, obviously making these characters more "realistic" means making them much fatter, rather than giving them muscle mass to more realistically match the kind of athletic endeavors they pull off. Don't you have your priorities wrong here? Btw, why should the characters that aren't even...
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    The End of Flash? Firefox Is Now Automatically Blocking Flash By Default

    Wait, what? It's flash that's limited to 30FPS by default on youtube, not HTML5, which obviously also plays resolutions higher than 720p. Maybe actually use a video at 1080p to test it next time... Flash is trash and the sooner it's gone, the better. Btw, it's not actually "blocked"; it's...
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    i miss the escapist

    You can spin these "Everything was better in the old days" threads right back to ye olde online journal days (which had the best content the escapist ever had - actual interviews and genuine news, nothing copypasted from elsewhere). They're always right to a degree but mostly just blind...
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    So that Witcher 3, eh?

    Sounds good to me, I will give it a try then. Thanks.
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    So that Witcher 3, eh?

    Also hijacking this thread for a quick question: Is it necessary to play the other games first? I played W2 for a bit, couldn't get into it and promptly quit. I checked out W3 and the combat etc. seems much better, so I want to try it. Will you be completely lost as to what's going on without...
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    Valve's VR Headset is "Vive", And is a Collaboration With HTC

    Sony has been selling (albeit somewhat crappy) gaming VR headsets since the 90's actually. They also never caught on and I highly doubt Oculus or Valve will meet a much different fate despite all the hype. Overall VR is simply too expensive to really be worth it for most people.
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    Poll: Does Hatred actually look like a good game?

    I've had quite the blast with Postal and especially its sequel, but I'm afraid I've outgrown that period almost 15 years ago. Even if I wanted to relive my teenage years I'd rather replay Postal 2 than some shitty Postal 1 knockoff that actually plays this stuff completely straight.
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    Cancelled Sonic Game Receives Fan Driven PC Port

    That's the game right here, Sonic X-treme. This is just a tech demo, they'll supposedly add the fisheye lens in a later build. No doubt in an effort to further prove why this game was abandoned in the first place.
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    Why are there almost no bad ass women in Shounen?

    Shounen = boy Not a hard riddle to solve.
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    Hatred steam page is up, they kept the AO rating, first steam game to be sold with such rating

    The only reason it's on Steam is that some overzealous Steam employee pulled it way ahead of time, which caused that whole shitstorm over censorship and whatnot. After just revoking that decision Steam now can't do yet another 180 and pull it again. That guy must really be kicking himself right...
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    Poll: Revolution 60 has been Greenlit

    This also isn't high school debate class, so who cares. It's a dumb internet argument about dumb internet stuff, it's fairly irrelevant who's right or who believes what. Not to mention that the guy requesting sources already put it upon himself to go though Wu's 6 million tweets, so you're late...
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    Wizards of the Coast has revealed MtG's first trans character

    I'm afraid it is you who isn't familiar with the terminology, "trap" is indeed one of the words used by the cross-dressing community (i.e. people who enjoy dressing up as the other gender by don't actually identify as transsexual or even homosexual), both by the cross-dressers and the people who...
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    So. Torture.

    The only interesting thing about this non-dilemma is that a lot of people would suddenly indeed get into an internal dilemma if you rephrased it to "Would you condone torture of an USAF/RAF/whatever member if it was the only way to prevent a drone strike that would kill 100 Pakistani civilians...