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    Zero Punctuation: The End is Nigh, and Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles

    I heard he became a co-owner or something. So he has a vested interest in not leaving the escapist, especially since he's the only one keeping the whole company afloat.
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    Zero Punctuation: I Am Setsuna

    There's a lot of big games coming out in October. But it's probably Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2.
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    #127: Infestation

    Her name's Althea. It's in the tags, but don't worry too much Erin only asked for it in the middle of the planning meeting or something.
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    Do you think Overwatch's story will actually matter?

    Take all my money! You know what would be even better though? A Tarantino movie about the Inquisition. Though probably the only medium that could properly capture the shear scale of the setting or the horrors of the warp would be a high budget anime (Think Akira or some other older sci-fi ones).
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    Poll: Eye Care: Glasses, Contacts, not needed?

    Don't have glasses...yet. Both of my parents need them so I'm expecting to need them eventually. Haven't noticed any vision problems though. Looks like I might be interested in getting glasses sooner rather then later then...
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    Help Me Build A PC!

    I'd recommend using PcPartPicker: It'll list what parts are going into the rig and do compatibility stuff for you, which can potentially save your ass. Even does a price check for you, but not all online retailers are listed, just the major ones...
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    #094: Introductions

    So Rad needs a nuclear powered conversation starter?
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    $600 for the The Oculus Rift?

    The controller has been stated by Oculus as costing them barely anything to bundle in (probably since most of the $50 consumer price is markup). As for the two tech demos, the companies that made them are probably paying Oculus to have them included as they'll hopefully be the flagship games of...
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    Zero Punctuation: Top 5 Games of 2015

    Do you have a mac? It runs on OSX. Or any laptop capable of running OSX or windows, a steam account, and $10? Then you can run Undertale. The game could probably run on a mobile device too considering how simple the graphics are
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    That darn boss.

    Ceaseless Discharge was easy, roll out the way of his crashing limbs, run in and slash, rinse and repeat until dead. Demon Firestarter was basically the asylum demon but this time with FIRE! Orange charred ring makes Centipede Demon beatable, good luck otherwise. Bed of Chaos is bullshit, at...
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    Female Form Appreciation Mark 2

    That's what I read too. I don't feel like constantly flipping between a translation and the game. Unless the early story is too long, boring, or stupid, I'll probably just wait until English is properly integrated into the game.
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    Female Form Appreciation Mark 2

    Holy shit, did Fiona tick all the boxes I have for great character and instant crush. Listing all of them would take too much time, so I'll just say 'everything about her'. Sasha didn't even hold a candle to her, probably since dreadlocks are a huge turn off for me. Know when Granblue will be...
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    Indivisible, the game being made by the same people who made Skullgirls, still needs money.

    If the crowdfunding campaign succeeds they'll get an additional 2 million from 505 Games, a small publisher, so the total budget will be 3.5 million.
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    Dark Souls is awesome! (Yes, I know I'm late to the party)

    Maybe I don't have the proper controller patch for DS2 or my play style didn't carry over well (sword &board), but from the little I played of DS2 the controls felt laggy, like there was a tangible delay between hitting the button and the attack happening, and if you got stun-locked even once by...
  15. stringtheory Uploads System Shock: Enhanced Edition

    It's awkward as hell to play with the original controls, but once you get used to them, the game's speed is slow enough that you're able to use them well enough. The graphics are at the level of the original doom, so very pixely, but otherwise completely usable.