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    Are you single or not ?

    Got a girlfriend about this time last year. Broke up with her round about January because things were super awkward, and I had started to like someone else. I really regret breaking up with her because I feel if I'd given things time things would have got much much less awkward. Whilst I...
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    Stereotypes you perpetuate

    Skinny teenager who spends a fair amount of time hanging around in public places etc, playing too many video games,, alone time a bit more than I should, and going to parties and getting shitfaced. If it helps negate any of the above points, I'm a fairly high achiever at school and...
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    Best and Worst Main menu Theme??

    And I know it's another FPS (and just a Source mod at that) but the theme for Fistful of Frags is also nice and evocative:
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    Best and Worst Main menu Theme??

    The themes/soundtracks in general for Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm are just goddamn beautiful. Not only are they wonderfully evocative of the settings, when they start playing in the background of the fighting they make you feel like part of something grand and sweeping, despite all the...
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    Poll: Are you a PC, Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft person?

    Technically PC, but I play on a laptop and not even a gaming one at that. But I can run most of the games I want and haven't any desire to upgrade or start buying high-end games anytime soon so it's fine.
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    Your favourite 'chill-out' games

    I like just exploring open worlds in games like Assassin's Creed. Viscera Cleanup Detail is another good one because I can just stick on an audiobook and er...clean. It's like being productive, but not! Or I just join a server on The Ship and play as a passenger, whereupon it basically just...
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    Poll: Doctor Who: Female and/or Non-White Master, Yay or Nay?

    Well luckily the Master is (generally) one of those villains that everyone likes despite themselves, so unless he was suddenly turned into a Black stereotype it wouldn't actually be such a bad move. If I remember correctly there was a Black incarnation of the Master in the comics whilst the show...
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    Your animated avater is distracting

    I suppose mine is a little disconcerting, but's it supposed to be. I think it's great. It's better on my phone because I have the same gif tiled all across the lock screen. It's not great for battery life though.
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    Guardians of the Galaxy Poster Is All About The Space Action

    Very Star Wars. I like it. I just wish the film would hurry up and come out already!
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    The Curse of World of Tanks - Remakes Every 6 Months

    As Xan said, World of Warplanes isn't doing great because War Thunder came out first and its gameplay is less clunky and more engaging than WoW's.
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    Poll: Have you ever walked out of a movie at the cinema?

    No, because I almost always go to see films I actually want to watch/am fairly certain will be good. Even in date-type situations I've often had to pick so I try to go for something I think we'll both enjoy.
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    Dr Who Christmas Special 2013

    Well, what little story there was was told badly, all the skipping ahead with narration bridging the gaps was quite lazy and meant it was hard to care about the inhabitants of 'Christmas' at all. It felt like an excuse for Steven Moffat to give 'his' Doctor a nice death of old age, rather than...
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    Would you date your avatar?

    Yes, because Paul McGann is a sexy McMann and I'm his biggest McFann. Straight male, by the way.
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    Poll: Doctor Who Could Be Better

    Whilst I think the idea of a female Doctor is a bit much, I'd really like them to broaden their horizons a bit and cast a black actor in the role next. Idris Elba or Chiwetel whatshisface would be ideal but they're pretty big name stars these days so perhaps not.
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    Doctor Who time-lock continuity? (spoilers abound)

    Everyone seems to assume it was 'The Moment' that time-locked the war but evidently this isn't the case else stories like 'Dalek' and 'Journey's End' don't make much sense at all. Ergo the time-lock must have been caused by something else. In answer to the question about how 'The End of Time'...