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    So how is Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

    I bought it on steam like 3 hours before it came out xD ive been looking forward to it for a while. To be totally honest, the game itself is great but has a few minor problems which ill adress first. First, my computer didnt like playing it with Direct X and it ended up crashing like 10...
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    Poll: Are you religious?

    Id like to say im Agnostic, however I lack a full understanding of what the term means. As far as I know, it means you dont fully beleive in any one religion, but dont "dis-beleive" in any either. Basicaly, I do beleive theres some form of "entity" out there but that its beyond our human...
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    Flight Sims, more specificaly, DCS Black Shark, your thoughts?

    Ever since i was a lil kid ive always enjoyed flight sims, even more after I actually flew a plane for 30 minutes. But ive always stuck to moderate sims, like the IL Sturmovik and ace combat games. Now recently ive really been wanting to get into some legit sims, somewhat influenced by...
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    So, i have a new car, what should its name be?

    You see but the fact that it could at anytime spontaniosly combust just adds character xD
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    So, i have a new car, what should its name be?

    Yeah i thought about vicky, but its such an obvious name, i dont want it to be so obvious and bland haha.
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    So, i have a new car, what should its name be?

    Yeah about the weight, this car is made out of steel, rust, grit, and prolyl a few drops of blood. im keeping it that way xD its like an ocean cruise liner, when you figure out how to get a carnival cruise liner to turn around within 10 miles, tell me how to get the crown vick to tun in 10 feet...
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    So, i have a new car, what should its name be?

    So i just got my first car, im not legally allowed to drive it but untill im 16 this thing is my baby, all its little problems are for me to fix...and improve (nitro anyone?). however i am having some slight problems thinking of a good name to fit it. Its a 1990 Crown Victoria, used to be a...
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    Special Ops Officer, British Gamer Compete in Real Life MW2 Pit Test

    Okay seriosly what does that prove, real life and videogames are so much different. And seriosly that one of the guys best times, only 35.8, my best time is 26.2 before the time redutions.
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    Poll: Does People Playing Music Loud In Public Annoy You?

    When im with my friends i usualyl blast my headphones because we all like the music, but if we're in public i dont lsiten to my headphones with friends. If im alone ill just have one earbud in. People who listen to it loudly realyl dont bother me that much, i can see why it bothers people but...
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    You need to dispose of $100K fast. You...

    I'd pay off any debts i owe, buy a nice set of wheels, get a nice ass TV and a gaming computer, get at 360 to add to my gaming place. Pretty much id have one room with a gaming computer and needed accesories, a PS3, a 360, a shit load a games, and a big ass Tv to play it all on. Then i'd...
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    Poll: The Beach

    I like the beac, on a pond. The beach at a beachy sea area is usually filled with people, and i dont like that. I like being alone with my girlfriend watching the sun set bellow the mountains and as we lean in close and... alright ill stop here. Lets jsut say those days you never forget.
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    Poll: Would games be better without snipers?

    No, snipers are essential in games, plain and simple, also im fucking boss when you put a sniper in my hands. Like in BF;BC 2 the snipers are essential, they take out the people on the fixed possitions and take out any dug in or static enemies, also they're great spoters so that the rest of...
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    Poll: Whats up with wearing shoes indoors????

    I dont take my shoes off, i see no need to. If i wake up i dont put them on, but once i put them on i usually dont take them off. I really dont care, if someone tells me to take off my shoes ill do it, i understand why people do it, but if they dont ask i wont.
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    Silliest Arguments you've ever had in public.

    Ohhhhh. When you said agreeing with my princible i thought you ment the song was bad as far as the content goes. The fact that you dont like it because its not your style is completely accaptable.
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    Silliest Arguments you've ever had in public.

    How is it bad, its making fun of todays youth who wear their pants halfway down their legs and think their cool with their hats turned sideways and the gold in their mouths. Its not bad in anyway, uses no swears, its funny, and it addresses a concern of todays comunity. Put it that way and its a...