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    The Newest Warhammer 40K Game is Necromunda: Underhive Wars

    It's got my interest, but I hope that doesn't mean that rogue factor is going to completely stop adding more content to Mordheim. It had a rocky start in my Steam library and I abandoned it for months before coming back, falling in love, and buying every damn piece of content I could find.
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    Ubisoft Will no Longer Sell DLC That Affects The "Full Game Experience"

    Incidentally, Ubisoft is also looking for ways to change the general definition of the term, 'Full Game Experience'.
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    Dishonored 2 Launch Trailer Asks What You'll Do to Take Back the Throne

    Nail on the head, sir! I loved the first game, but their current behavior doesn't exactly exude confidence.
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    Bethesda Will Only Send Out Review Copies One Day Early

    So Dishonored 2 is going to be bad and buggy? Got it! Thanks for the heads-up, Bethesda! :)
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    The Amnesia Collection Brings the Entire Horror Series to PS4 in One Box

    I'm always happy to see a fantastic developer get more exposure. The Dark Descent and Soma are more than enough proof they are masters of the pants-crapper. Can't wait to see what's next.
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    SEGA Strengthens its Strategy Portfolio with Acquisition of Amplitude Studios

    I'm not sure If I'm more put off by Amplitude selling themselves to Sega or all of those horrible things that large video game companies always do when they buy off someone smaller but fantastic.
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    No Man's Sky Wins Lawsuit Against "Sky" Trademark Holder

    Har! I'd be more worried about the handlers who exploit Grumpy cat to claim ownership over the word, 'no'.
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    8 of the Hardest Games of All Time

    Whoever created that list has never played Friday the 13th on the NES ;)
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    Your thoughts on... Nerd/Geek culture of today.

    It's interesting to see how nerd/geek culture has changed over the years from and obsession with hobbies and a need to understand how the things around you work to a person who consumes a lot of media. That's all I got.
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    New Screenshots Offer a First Look at Dawn of War III

    I can hardly wait to see which factions will be available through purchasable DLC come release day.
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    Good news for Total war Warhammer

    I guess it's a little better in that it gives some time for reviews to go out, but it's still just a shady technique to inflate their first week sales (Pre orders+first week sales=first week sales. Shareholder math). I love total war games and was considering purchasing early, but now I can hold...
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    Storytelling experiences - recommendations?

    I'm always ready to shill for The Secret World whenever someone is looking for a great story. It certainly has some of the greatest writing in any game, and definitely the best in any MMO ever made. I'll also concede that it isn't for everybody... for some reason I can't grasp since I've been in...
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    Rock Band 4 Additions Coming this Fall Include Online Play

    I can't wait to try the double kickdrum on all those complex Justin Bieber songs.
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    Oculus Says They've "Taken Steps" to Address Rift Component Shortage

    Never a good thing. Component shortages often land contracts with new manufacturers and sloppy, rushed production. I'm curious to see how quickly this 'second wave' of Rifts start to have issues.
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    DC Comics Will Soon Reveal Joker's True Name

    My money is on James Romine, and I pray to zombie Jesus that he doesn't find this and sue me for 10 million bucks.