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    J.J. Abrams Talks About Why [Redacted] Had to [Redacted] in The Force Awakens

    I'm not so sure, I'd say be careful what you wish for. While the prequels had a raft of problems, one of the big problems (which was in itself the cause of a number of other problems) was that the whole thing was just an extended backstory for Darth Vader. Even if it had been well written, well...
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    Poll: One of your immediate family memebers is in prison, do you go visit them?

    It would depend on what they had done to end up in prison, and why they had done it. My reasons for visiting might vary too. Regarding what they did, my view is that the law in most countries has been so debased and has become so detached from any coherent moral framework that it is utterly...
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    Report: Crash Bandicoot May be Making a Comeback

    I would like to see Crash Bandicoot back if they do it well, but it would take some doing. Granted the series was 3D back when it was good, so it is unlikely to find the transition to modern consoles as difficult as say Sonic did but there are still alot of ways they could screw this up. Plus...
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    #082 - Starter Town

    Yeah, and Gunny seems to be getting his Chub on to boot (although I suppose that could just be his poncho thing). Yes, this, 100 times this.
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    Peter Capaldi May Leave Doctor Who After Tenth Series

    Um, you know Peter Capaldi is 57 right? Also Christopher Eccleston was 40-41 during his stint. By and large I agree that they probably won't break from formula when they cast their next Doctor, I'm just perplexed that you think "Under 40" is a part of said formula when it only applies to 50% of...
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    What single scene MADE a movie for you?

    OK well I have a few: No.1 spot for scene that made a movie has to go to the Shooting Marvin in the Face scene from Pulp Fiction. So many awesome scenes in that movie, but that one could have made even an awful movie great. No.2 Has to be the Buddhist Monastery scene from Anger Management...
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    Peter Capaldi May Leave Doctor Who After Tenth Series

    Well they have a habit of taking people who have appeared in bit-parts and cameo appearances and bringing them into the main cast - Peter Capaldi himself being an example - and we did see Sanjeev Bhaskar, who I think would make an awesome Doctor, appear in the season 8 finale. That could be fun...
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    Serious things you just can't take seriously

    Slightly outdated information. Historically this was largely true but now they can be retirees from any branch of the military and from almost any function. About the only requirements are long service and good conduct (which just means hasn't been subject to formal disciplinary action). No...
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    Poll: Social experiment

    Well lets see, Equality at all costs seems to be the flavour of the month and since some people have already voted for 3 internets the only way to ensure we all get an equal number of internets is to vote for 3 so that everyone gets none at all. So, three internets for me please.
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    Release Date Announced for Five Nights at Freddy's RPG, FNaF World

    I feel disappointed that the 5th FNAF game isn't just called "Fifth Night at Freddy's".
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    Alan Rickman of Die Hard and Harry Potter Fame Passes Away At 69

    It's sad when any great talent dies, but all the more tragic when someone with still so much to give is taken from us. It was only last week I was chatting with a friend as to what other big names might crop up in the MCU in the near future, and we both agreed Alan Rickman would be awesome. It's...
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    Avengers: Infinity War May Feature 67 Main Characters

    I don't think I'm reading this the same way as everyone else. It doesn't say 67 main character, just a board with 67 character on it - not necessarily all heroes either, and that really isn't that big a number. Lets look at Age of Ultron, we had: Avengers: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America...
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    Daredevil Season 2 Gets Teaser Trailer, Premiere Date

    I think that was the plan but I think they pulled an Iron Man 2 with it. "Wow, this was so much more popular than we expected so lets give this one a second outing before the big team-up event."
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    Where Are The Marvel Games?

    Spiderman 2. And that is all I shall offer in response.
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    Twitter Considering New 10,000 Character Limit

    I think in once sense a relatively low character limit makes good sense, it pushes people to be concise but I think 140 is rather restrictive. I would push it up to 4/5 hundred characters. Still restricts people to a couple of sentences so it won't start to overlap with traditional online...