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    Poll: How good was CoD4, really?

    CoD4 was pretty fun, but overrated. Though you do have to respect it for changing FPS games ever since, if nothing else. [/Spoiler]
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    Poll: How good was CoD4, really?

    Nothing special. Not into run-n-gun corridor shooters. I prefer more open tactical games where i can take different approaches to getting the job done. More thinking involved (and better replay value) As far as the mp goes, the gameplay is too fast and the maps are way too small. Makes me...
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    Poll: If you could be an animal for a day, what would it be?

    You know, one of my friends once gave that as an answer to a maths test... I would be a magpie... Because I can.
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    What does your username mean ?

    Humble forumgoer by day, fighter of pi by night.
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    What does your Avatar Say about Yourself?

    I am a blank white square... On a beach.
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    Poll: Favorite Weekly Escapist Show (search bar approved)

    I like The Escapist Show...
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    We want to hear from you!

    It seems that this thread has gone the way of most featured content; ignored by the moderators after 1 page. Ah well, I feel that any question I compose would be either primarily redundant or nonsensically beyond Themis' chosen subject matter.
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    Poll: Addicted to the Escapist ?

    I always thought that the Escapist community's most endearing quality was its tolerance of gaming preferences. That, or the swift and brutal banhammer. To be honest, I have become somewhat disenchanted with the community, and have just returned from a month spent elsewhere. Suffice to say: I...
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    The Holiday Council

    I'm not sure how you could do it, but could you possibly summerise my blank white square, without losing the whole "blank white square" feel of it?
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    I'm new here: What're these forums like?

    To be honest, I think that numerous users have a rather unhealthy emotional investment in this site. If you insult their beloved Escapist, they respond in force. Oh, and remember not to get into flame fights. A flame is simply an attack on another user; this could involve swearing, insulting...
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    what game are you looking forward to most this fall?

    Modern Warfare 2. Hopefully, they won't screw it up.
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    The artist in thee

    I was monumentally bored, so I made this.
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    Microsoft for President!

    I don't really see how multiple people could hold a single position; the heirarchial chain of a corporation would result in the chief executive officer taking responsibility for the role, unless they delegated... I'm too tired to think straight.
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    To the moderators of the Escapist:

    The Swanson's banning was completely justified and explained. Mobius' banning was completely justified and self explanatory. Both these users made the decision to make the posts that got them banned and they live with the consequences. The moderators of this site are generally reasonable...
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    Adventures in Ninja cookery (discontinued)

    It has been months since the last one was put up... Is it actually going to be made?