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    Aches and Pains

    I had a heart attack about 6 months ago, it required a stent to save my life. Additional coronary arterial disease required me to have a triple bypass surgery (CABG) in August. Still have some issues from the CABG, open heart surgery is not fun... I hope to get feeling back in my left...
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    Best of British Comedy

    Ideal Ripping Yarns
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    How do you deal with wasps in your house?

    I used to get a lot of paper wasps in the eves on my back patio, right next to my clothes line. One morning I got some underwear from the line and put it on to find it contained a wasp, neither of us was happy about sharing those undies. Not as bad as the redback spider I found in my doona...
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    ?198 million pound footballer. Well Football (soccer) has changed dramatically in 15 years.

    The Australian 'A League' has a salary cap of Au$2.6 million (1.6 m pound) per team []...
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    Net Neutrality campaign

    You can choose not to use google, youtube or facebook, as there are alternatives that are accessible to everybody. Some people do not have a choice of ISP or cannot change ISPs without significant costs.
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    Net Neutrality campaign

    These examples prove that statement is false. Here is some info on the arguments against net neutrality.
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    Woman charged with Manslaughter after stun went very wrong

    To match the punctuation of the 2nd amendment it should read; A well balanced breakfast, being necessary to the start of a healthy day, the right of the people to keep and eat food, shall not be infringed. Which appears to say a well balanced breakfast is the right, not that keeping and...
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    Woman charged with Manslaughter after stun went very wrong

    Will you also be yelling WELL REGULATED or will you be ignoring that part?
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    The state of Games Workshop

    I wonder how they would deal with my armies that consist of old models, many conversions, from up to 25 years ago (I haven't bought any models in over a decade). We started playing 40K in the '90s. As people stopped playing I inherited their armies (as I have the space to keep them). I...
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    Selling PC, tips for wiping OS SSD?

    Try encrypting the drive first, that way if someone does get the data back they can't access it.
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    Cheese and I are no longer friends (along with many other foods I can never eat again after my heart attack). I miss grilled cheddar on toast the most at the moment.
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    What's the strangest thing to ever happen to your body/mind?

    Last month I had a heart attack, only just surviving due to emergency surgery (angioplasty). It has precipitated a huge lifestyle change that I am still coming to terms with. Nothing in my life so far has given me more motivation for change than asking a doctor if I was going to survive...
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    Hey. I heard you booked this flight legally. GET OFF THE F***ING PLANE!!!!

    Immature is not the word I would have used but if you insist... I do believe I am exempt from fake, non-existent, non applicable or illegal rules and laws. I will not follow them just because other people think I should or it will make a scene if I don't. These are the applicable rules...
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    Hey. I heard you booked this flight legally. GET OFF THE F***ING PLANE!!!!

    I think it is you who missed the point.. United ordered 4 people to get off the plane, 3 complied and 1 refused. Because 1 consumer refused, standing up for their rights under the contract, other consumers are already seeing benefits. Other airlines are now ensuring this sort of debacle...
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    Hey. I heard you booked this flight legally. GET OFF THE F***ING PLANE!!!!

    This will be a cautionary tale for marketing students for decades to come; how United under estimated the power of social media and cost itself hundreds of millions. BTW Delta airlines is now offering up to US$10,000 in similar cases (rather than the US DOT required 4x the cost of the ticket...