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    Lost interest in all hobbies and entertainment.

    sounds like the beginning of a depressive state; I'd honestly see a mental health professional.
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    Can we talk about the apparent culture of sexual abuse in the american film industry?

    Another interesting question - is there any difference between sexual abuse and people trying to "sleep their way to the top" as was once pretty common, despite our feelings on it? I had a manager once want to get a room with me on a business trip, I thought it was inappropriate because I...
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    Divinity: Original Sin I & II

    D:OS 1 and 2 are some of my favorite RPGs; real game of the year material. I love the open sandbox worlds that Larian creates, I like the humor; I like the writing.
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    South Park and the Problem with Side Quests

    I never had a problem keeping things in mind for the South Park games, remembering most of the areas doesn't seem that complicated. On the other hand, I also wouldn't have a problem with the game including a way to skip this content if there are people it truly seems to annoy. I mean, I spent...
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    A Skip Button for Boss Fights

    The only reason I am buying this next Assassin's Creed is BECAUSE of the Tourist mode. Honestly, these modes are just going to make games more accessible for more people. This translates into more sales for the developer, and people who want to ignore these modes and play on...
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    I wanna talk about Lootboxes

    Thankfully, I am not interested in any of the games currently offering loot boxes, which I consider an unnecessary cash grab from the industry. I wouldn't purchase a game that required them, or even purchase a game where the use of them made the game "easier" to complete. It's not a practice...
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    Strange Stuff in Stranger of Sword City!

    I'm enjoying it quite a bit. The character and monster art is pretty good (the non-anime style - to my tastes) - but what I really enjoy is that it just seems to pull everything together with the right mix of challenge and reward. Even "Beginner" mode isn't easy; you can get slaughtered by a...
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    Strange Stuff in Stranger of Sword City!

    So has anyone played Stranger of Sword City yet? PC port just arrived on Steam. It's a somewhat obscure Japanese-ported dungeon crawler that reminds me of an updated Wizardry 8 for 2016. As I grew up on and enjoy dungeon crawlers and turn based games, I am having a blast with this.
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    Same situation now as when I joined the forums in 2011. Married for 16 years now; polyfidelitious and also with our male partner for the past 10. We did finally pay off our house so I'm happy about that. :D
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    Stardew Valley

    I'm a PC/mouse & KB guy, so controller support doesn't matter to me but I haven't had a chance to play around with this much yet, I've been enveloped in Grim Dawn and my backlog. It looks fantastic and I can't wait to play around with it.
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    Cigarettes are bullies ads

    Whoa... just... whoa. I'm going to focus on this part of your post because I *really* like it. It allows those of us who use booze but have NEVER gotten a DUI or hit their wife (me, for example) - no matter how much I drink - to buy alcohol. At the same time, it keeps the trash who can't handle...
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    In the event of nuclear war, what would you do?

    Modern medicine has it's proponents. Every single type 1 diabetic dependant on insulin, for example. They'd be kind of dead without the 20th century advances we made in medicine. Along with every person who gets an infected cut. Antibiotics are a nice thing. Overused, perhaps, but very nice...
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    In the event of nuclear war, what would you do?

    Honestly? Hope I die quickly and painlessly, because in a world where nuclear bombs start going off I don't really want to be around anymore. I like my creature comforts and civilization and all. You know. Antibiotics. Modern medicine. The things that allowed our lifespan to pass 30 as the...
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    Cigarettes are bullies ads

    I think it's the HEIGHT of irony to see a government sponsored anti-smoking commercial come on TV and then immediately after see them play a frickin' ad for whiskey or beer or alcohol of whatever type. Message, kids: Alcohol is currently socially A'OK even though it's as easily as dangerous...