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    Zero Punctuation: Axiom Verge & Stealth Inc 2

    Escapist with no script and adblock and all of that on Palemoon before the new video player: page loading in maybe twenty seconds top. The Escapist now in Chrome with adblock and everything disabled: two minute load time (Took three refreshes to get the video to load though the ads would...
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    ESA: Preserving Old Games With Hacking Encourages Piracy

    Surprised no one has trolled in this thread yet with the usual case of missing the point by stating that, technically no one owns a game, only the ridiculously limited license to the game because EULAs, legal dump, and other bs. Anyways, I can't help but appreciate the insanity that even...
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    Feed Dump: Naked Mayonnaise Assailant

    As a Californian who knows a few people who work for one of our far too many water departments, I can assure you that pee is the least of our worries. Then, of course, all those counties with reclaimed water supplies. Fun times, fun times. This says less about you or the delegate and more...
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    No Right Answer: New Escapist Show Pitches

    Yes, bring back Drinking Games. Expand it from just video games, such as: Plotzed Pathfinder: sip every time you take or give damage, finish your drink if you take or give massive damage, down a bottle of water if you roll and confirm a one, finish a large shot of straight vodka if you roll...
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    The Big Picture: Mr. Mario Goes To Hollywood

    The only way I can really see a Mario movie working would be if it's based off of any of the Mario RPGs. The main series of games, with a few exceptions, really don't have much of a story but do at least have more than enough atmosphere that production could borrow those aesthetics but the...
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    Dracula Meets Dice in Fan Made Castlevania Board Game

    I'm going to try throwing money at router, maybe then it'll wind up at Konami's printer since that board game looks liable to print money.
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    Jimquisition: Five Scary Games For Halloween Probably

    My guess for next Halloween: a list of scary business practices game's companies are using that are slowly destroying the industry. I'm not just saying that in hopes of The Scrarecrow and Miniature Fantasy Willem Defoe teaming up to destroy Miniature Fantasy Ubisoft by the end of it, nope...
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    Feed Dump: The Gimp Man Rides Again

    There's a steakhouse near my house. I was going to get a steak from there tonight now I'm going to be that guy getting the massive bowl of French Onion Soup -- since they only serve soups in a massive size. Whoop de shit.
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    No Right Answer: Attack on Attack on Titan

    Came here to say exactly this, it worked so well. Taking a show that probably couldn't work in the US due to a lack of familiarity with the subject matter and finding a ridiculously hilarious way to make it work. Also, I think Eden of the East holds up very well outside of Japan...
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    The Nude Abides

    Well, I always thought she was electric..
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    Sailor Moon Review: New English Dub Is a Beautiful Transformation

    As one of those infamous sub-only purists, I will of course only be watching it subbed. That being said, assuming that preview is a gauge of the quality of this new dub, I'm glad to see some sincere effort being put into this redubbing.
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    No Right Answer: Are Remastered Video Games Stupid?

    Can't honestly disagree that most remasters are shameless cash-grabs, it doesn't change the fact that they can still be necessary. With how much the industry and, increasingly, gamers have clamored for better and better graphics, the 3D models of no more than seven years ago would probably turn...
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    Feed Dump: Jerkin' It to Woods Porn

    Wait, does Beej still smoke his porn? Since, if so, I don't understand how you can smoke your porn yet have such a hardline stance against the most cathartic pest repellant: fire. Also, glory and honor to the Cam flavored revolution.
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    "Shocking" Pokemon Announcement Coming Next Week

    Worse: evil Pikachu's ultimate goal is hoarding all of the ketchup in the world, anime Pikachu will be without the condiment it worships. OT: Since shocking is probably a bad pun, maybe a Pikachu edition 3DS bundle and a release date for that Pikachu detective game. If it's shocking as in...
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    Jimquisition: EA Access ... Denied

    That is indeed why we thank You for You. Now then, in the spirit of things, between Activision's announcement of all the subscription games and Ubisoft's announcement of everything will need a subscription and an always online internet connection, you should announce a subscription service. All...