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    The slowest game beginnings ever?

    Sunless Sea. It's a small Indie game, so it's less likely to have been known, and it's by the Fallen London people. The premise is you're a ship captain in a Victorian Lovecraftian ocean that exists after London and a lot of the earth fell down some deep, dark thing and wound up under the...
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    "Donald Trump 'Shopped Into Horror Films" Is Hilarious Nightmare Fuel

    I'd like to point out that the alien goop in that effect was made out of KY. Which means that was an image of Donald Trump, slathered in KY, lunging forward toward a terrified woman. Seems about right.
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    8 Bit Philosophy: Is Change An Illusion? (Zeno's Paradoxes)

    Zeno's paradoxes fell long before the discovery of quantum mechanics. Even Zeno's contemporaries reacted with more of a, "Hey, that's a funny feature of maths - I wonder where the math is wrong," than treating Zeno's paradoxes as a be-all puzzle to be solved. As soon as mathematics advanced to...
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    8 Bit Philosophy: Is Batman Just?

    From the veil of ignorance, this video states individuals would choose a system that, quote, "allows everyone an equal shot of benefiting from the system." No, no, no. Equality of opportunity was not a condition of Rawlsian justice. Nor was equality, period. Inequality, per Rawls, must...
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    Games that could be in the same Universe

    Edited quote. It's the Tommy Westphall hypothesis for video games. To do: "There before you stands a hamster the size of a man, its eyes filled with a surprising fury for all its cuteness." rolls dice "Oh no. It went for the eyes. It went for the eyes!"
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    Games that could be in the same Universe

    Additionally, an individual early in ME1 says, "Humans! Thank the maker!" Let's go nuts with this, though. Boo, Shepard's hamster, might be Minsc's hamster Boo from Baldur's Gate I and II. Per Spelljammer D&D, there really are giant space hamsters. That puts all those old D&D settings...
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    8 Bit Philosophy: Can We Be Certain of Anything? (Descartes)

    Emphasis added. Descartes does eventually get back to trusting his senses; he does this by invoking god (small g, god in philosophy). In Cartesian doubt, the perceptions fed to the brain (and the existence of the brain itself) are all examples of things we could be wrong about. How do you...
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    What if the last Two Games you played share the same Universe?

    Depth and Fallout New Vegas. So...Fallout: Atlantis? Motherfucking -sold-.
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    8 Bit Philosophy: Are Psychedelic Drugs Good for You? (Kirby + Aldous Huxley)

    Mildly related aside: you don't have to be into the hippie-dippy and ascientific. Huxley actually drew a completely false dichotomy between being a rationalist and believing there is some sense to what users of psychoactive substances are saying. The field of neurotheology is the study of...
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    Rumour: Microsoft to save Silent Hills

    Debunked, which makes me a bit sad, though I saw the video before the debunking and simply shook my head. Billions is absolutely absurd, unless it was billions of yen. 4 billion USD is what Disney paid for Lucasfilm and Star Wars, and no way is Silent Hill worth a quarter or more of that...
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    8 Bit Philosophy: Are Your Actions Good? (Kant vs. Mill)

    And I stand by my statement that this is why these arguments get old, fast. I've spoilered the text, but at the bottom, well...there's the trap. Dictionaries often have simplified or poor definitions for technical terms, and those terms themselves sometimes have definitions which...
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    8 Bit Philosophy: Are Your Actions Good? (Kant vs. Mill)

    I stand by my statement. Ah, the relativist argument! You may not want to call this one up. It turns around to bite back. U: "You're being arbitrary in defining people as an ends and not a means, and I view this arbitrariness as a fatal flaw." D: "I'm not sure I buy I'm being...
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    8 Bit Philosophy: Are Your Actions Good? (Kant vs. Mill)

    All of these positions are impossible to refute because the discussion by now has been boiled down to first principles; the logic of deontological, utilitarian/consequentialist, and relativist ethics are the deadest of dead horses. The utilitarian in your slavery example still has the problem...
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    8 Bit Philosophy: Are Your Actions Good? (Kant vs. Mill)

    Edited to the relevant part. In philosophy and critical thinking, this is called an equivocation or a shifting meaning, when a term changes what it means in the discussion thus slipping in an error. Kant uses good in the moral sense; good actions, actions motivated by what he would call a...
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    Modern characters

    Slut-shaming aside, the problem is the media you choose to consume. These "problematic" characters aren't new. By modern, I think you mean, "I've been annoyed with this lately." In the last few weeks, and limiting myself to video games, the protagonists have been: A beleaguered Mexican...