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    Jimquisition: Desensitized to Violence

    Bugger me. Easily one of the most profound, stark and relevant takes on the subject of videogame violence desensitisationn that I've ever seen and easily the best jimquisition to date. I've watched all of them on the escapist so far and none of them have made me think like this one. I think i...
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    Biggest plot holes in games

    My biggest one at the moment would be in Halo 4, why did the forerunners kill every single reasonable member of their race but decide to keep the most maniacally murderous shithead of their number alive and untouched by the halo array? Thats like if humanity irradicated itself but left Hitler...
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    Why is the news so negative and grim?

    Hi, I'm currently writing my dissertation on the subject of the editorial choices made in modern day media. Basically the gist of the paper will be investigating the reasons or causes for why when you look on the news on the Tv or listen to it on the radio or whatever you do to get your news...
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    If you could pick any 1 game to have a complete next gen HD overhaul..

    Hogs of War for the PS1 one of my all time favourites, nothing like stereotypically pigs blowing each other up.
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    The most OP Bosses in existence?

    Personally I found some of the bosses on the harder difficulties of Ninja Gaiden 2 to be obnoxiously difficult especially when they start to do the moves where they pick you up and repeatedly do heavy damage that you can do NOTHING about.
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    How is 9/11 viewed internationally?

    I believe that all countries regardless of their feelings towards the good ol' US of A recognize 9/11 as a tragedy the likes of which the world hasn't, and hopefully will not see again. What made it all the more real for most people was it was the first truly horrendous moments of human history...
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    Trailers: Binary Domain

    I think this looks kinda like a mix of i-robot and terminator :) could b worth a look, though ive a horrid feeling that its gonna try to be multiplayer as well because as we all know a lot of games do these days :(
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    Activision Defends Call of Duty Elite

    Sooooo is this like Halo waypoint or summit cos i kinda like waypoint, it's a fun little thing and id kinda like it for cod :)
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    Trailers: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Debut

    Right well, i shall be gettin this.
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    The last weapon you used shall now be used to perform your colonoscopy

    Halo : Reach's spartan laser? oh........arse xxx
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    164XXX Bra Size layman's term 'BIG AMERICAN BREASTS'

    takes all sorts, pretty much somes this up :)
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    Trailers: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: America

    swear down that was makarov's voice :) this will hopefully b good, hopefully being the optimal word here people xxx
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    Rumor: Modern Warfare 3 Going Epic With Huge, Destructible Levels

    Call of Black company : Bad Ops 3 :) i unno cod lost it foor me with blops but this could be the last hurrah that makes me show the series the door for the rest of eternity xxx
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    Would you date a girl/guy that didn't like video games?

    YEs but you keep your secret, relationship slaying shame a secret :) yknow because all good relationships are based on hiding things from each other.
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    If your genitals was a game...

    Portal, to short but everyone remembers it for the rest of their lives.