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    Level scaling, why is this a thing?

    This reminds me of when I originally played Final Fantasy Tactics. After 100+ hours of playing the game (because it was damn fun just wandering around and fighting!) I eventually got around to finishing the story. I bring this game up because it had an excellent level scaling system...sort of...
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    Hyrule Warriors Legends Review - The Dynasty of Zelda Goes Portable

    I preordered this game but only have an old 3DS. I had no intention of buying a New 3DS and really still don't. Thing is, should I keep it so I can unlock the Wii U characters or do I actually have to play and unlock them to get them on my Wii U and therefore just either return it or sell it?
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    Upcoming PS4 Update Includes Remote Play for PC and Mac

    The only thing I really want to hear from Sony about the PS4 is when an unbundled, 1TB console is coming out. I don't play online much, I have no need to stream to my PC which probably isn't good enough to handle it anyway and I don't play CoD, Battlefront or Uncharted. I just want a console...
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    Omikron Available Free in Honor of David Bowie

    Aaaaand the site hangs on the processing order window. This could take a while. Keep spinning little wheel!
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    DC Ending New 52 Imprint After Convergence

    Prez? Really? The comic about an 18 year old elected President Of The US? WTF? RE: Starfire. I like the new costume too but really put off they gave her eyes definition. Just looks weird outside of the Titans cartoon.
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    How many games have you completed since January this year?

    Hm. Good question. Batman: Arkham Origins South Park: Stick Of Truth Bioshock Beyond: Two Souls Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations That's all I can remember right now without digging through my games. Currently working on Saint's Row IV.
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    Alien-Like Figure Spotted on Moon via Google Earth Map (Video)

    Looks to me like both shapes drape themselves over those mounds. That makes me think it's nothing but shadow.
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    Wing Commander III free on Origin (UK, regions might vary)

    Damn. I already bought the Wing Commander series during the GOG sale last month. Ah, well.
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    Arcade Hit Q*bert Coming to Steam with Classic, Rebooted Modes

    Q*Bert was one of two games that I was amazed never had a modernizing/rerelease. One down, one to go. Your turn Berzerk!
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    No Right Answer: Greatest Console Blunder Ever

    Despite the lackluster draw of their peripherals, I'd still buy the XBone with a Kinect just...because I guess. At this moment I'd still buy a WiiU over the other two. My interest in the XBox One is minimal and heavily leans towards the Playstation 4 at this point. I don't plan on buying a...
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    Thirty greatest video games that time forgot

    I remember wanting to play Oni, but I never did. Warriors was a fun co-op game. The biggest problem I had with it was the split screen camera. If you and your partner were in the same area, you shared the same camera. If you split up far enough it would automatically split screen. Which...
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    Games you love, but no one else seems to know about or remember.

    While it wasn't as good as the original FFT, FFTA was a good game. Wasn't a huge fan of the law system though. A2 fell apart, especially with the law system and making the computer immune to it. Also liked Evermore. Got it because of the awesomeness of Secret Of Mana. Wasn't as good but...
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    Supposedly Difficult Bosses That You Found to be Easy?

    AirMan was always the boss I went after first.
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    Rewrite something's ending to make it freaking DARK.

    Not really dark. How about... Mario finally arrives at Bowser's final castle and makes his way to the bridge room. After a long, hard battle, a powerless and weary Mario manages to duck around Bowser, grabbing the axe and cutting the tie to the bridge. Battered and out of breath, Mario...
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    Why does Lando Not pronounce Han as hOn like everyone else?

    Maybe it's an in joke between two old friends?