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    Fear for the Future

    I fear those who fear the future. Whoever calls for a halt in technological and/or social progress, I consider a threat to human civilization.
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    Why do so many people in the "geek" community dislike sports?

    I'm not a sports fan for the same reason I'm not into competitive gaming. So much that I believe the toxicity in geek culture was imported from jock culture after the multiplayer function became the most important thing in gaming.
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    Your opinion: The most overused phrase in gaming.

    "This is what Metacritic says, therefore, it's the truth."
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    How do you feel about autistic people?

    As someone with ASD and ADD myself, I think you're reacting way too lightly on that type of behavior. That, especially when said person is self-diagnosed, is actually something worth taking out to the streets over. Seriously, anyone who uses my diagnosis as an excuse for misogyny, homophobia...
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    "Sexist" toys

    Everytime I see a story like this and the reaction people have to it, I think of this Simpsons episode: EDIT: Corrected grammar error.
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    Characters that would fill you with glee if they died?

    Tyrion Lannister, just to see everyone lose their shit.
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    Is it bad that videogame characters are sexualised?

    What I was talking about was the presence amongst women working as vg artists, not presence of female characters (although that is an issue for another day). Whatever, my original point was that, whatever the truth is, the catering to the straight male demographic isn't as much of an issue as...
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    Is it bad that videogame characters are sexualised?

    No, I stand corrected. On that note, can you find some hard statistics on gender representation in video game art before I do?
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    Is it bad that videogame characters are sexualised?

    In all sexual contexts, there are subjects and objects; subjects act and objects are acted upon. When it comes to sexual contexts in pretty much all fiction, including video games, it is explicitly the norm that men are depicted as subjects and women are depicted as objects. That is what is the...
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    American Enterprise Institute Fellow Blames Cosplay For Poor Economy

    While I agree that the title is misleading, James Pethokoukis is still so wrong about this. He still implies that the rise of cosplay is a sign of how the bad the economy is, as if cosplaying is a negative symptom of the economic situation. He's basically saying "See what you did, Washington...
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    I am a feminist....and this is hilarious.

    Regarding violence in media, it does not make people more violent. However, in a large enough dose, it makes people more acceptant towards the idea of violence as a problem solver. Playing military worshipping games on a regular basis doesn't exactly make you a pacifist, unless you...
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    Why is a Bare Breast More Offensive Than a Severed Arm?

    That is just so fucked up! Why are we letting sex-negative, misogynistic cultures like these continue to thrive?
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    Why is a Bare Breast More Offensive Than a Severed Arm?

    I find it interesting that you mention how being aroused among others is more taboo than being grossed out among others.
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    Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer Debuts

    I really hope they didn't strip away the comedy and the occasional social commentary the original show had. That's what I myself liked about it.
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    Poll: The Best Topping

    In some pizzerias in Sweden, you can order pizza with pommes frites on top. It's so fucking good.