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    8 Board Games for Video Gamers

    I've been playing Pathfinder: ACG for over a year now with my family. It's absolutely fantastic as well as a great way to get people into D&D style gameplay, without them feeling like they need to wear funny hats and hide in a basement (I asked my brother if he wanted to play D&D and that was...
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    Heroes of The Storm's Pricing Structure is Unacceptable. Here's How to Fix it

    It's not nearly as bad is it sounds, unless you expect to jump straight into the Ranked ladder. As a new player you probably won't want to, but I recommend try it out. There's several modes, so not owning every character doesn't matter much (again unless you're going for ranked). Can't knock...
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    Heroes of The Storm's Pricing Structure is Unacceptable. Here's How to Fix it

    I've been playing the game since the Technical Alpha and the entire community agrees things are very expensive. The heroes are totally buyable if you go full F2P, but it takes a tad too long. Gold gain overall is a tad too low. The reason for all of this is that you can buy StimPacks, which are...
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    Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II - Flawed Force Fun

    The first time going through the game it can feel a bit slow at time (I first played it when I was like 7, so it was crazy difficult to me) but what feels like eternity is only the first 3 out of 21 levels. After that, you unlock a new power pretty much every to every other level. On top of...
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    The Unanswered Questions of Age of Ultron, Part 2

    From what I've been hearing, "Civil War" is going to be less about the world at large and more about infighting among the heroes roster. The feelings might be echoed among the general population, but to pull it all off in only ~2 hours it is all but guaranteed to be a "Avengers piss each other...
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    What Makes the Technology in Grand Theft Auto V So Great

    It's doing a LOT better on next gen, and undoubtedly will on PC too. Along with better performance, the upgraded version also greatly increases the amount of wildlife and pedestrian/vehicle traffic. (so you don't have to run around the entire city to find a car to jack)
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    What Makes the Technology in Grand Theft Auto V So Great

    It has always been said that Open-World-Sandbox games more or less always get a free pass on graphical fidelity and over-all quality. Bethesda's Fallout and Elder Scrolls routinely get mocked at for their incredibly broken glitches and bugs but we love them anyways because they are such a rich...
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    Old Business: Three Stories Critical Intel Missed in 2014

    That's pretty spot on to me. My brothers groaned when they saw the goofy park and trained raptors, but they seemed to miss the point. Jurassic Park has gone so far out of its way in all 3 to show that the raptors not only are intelligent and learn, but also have an emphasis on the pack's...
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    How Stephen Colbert Saved America

    Colbert has a big tell during interviews. You know he actually agrees with someone when he lets them fully answer questions. There's the people that he invites onto the show for shared publicity stunts, and then there's the people he invites out of great respect. Those two types of interviews...
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    Game Theory: Wii U is the New Virtual Boy

    Say what you want, RED ALARM was my jam. Of all things about the broken console, it was the least broke. I actually had fun with that game sometimes!
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    Super Smash Bros. Director Explains Why Ridley Isn't Playable

    I'm fine with it. Blizzard is doing the same thing with Deathwing and Heroes of the Storm. While I would love to play him, Blizz says in order for him to feel authentic he'd have to fill half the screen and crack the ground with a trail of fire anywhere he goes. Not something you can really balance.
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    Sunset Overdrive and Applying The Rules of Comedy

    I feel very strongly that this image from "Hey Ash Watchya Playin?" belongs in this thread. To spare the wrath of moderators I will only post the link.
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    Marvel Reveals Full Phase 3 Slate, Black Panther Actor, More

    Might want to check your math there! It's 24 months. 2 years from now, not 1.
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    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to Debut Even More Avengers 2 Footage

    I'm guessing that they expect this to leak also, but given that have taken steps to trace down who does it.
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    3D Realms Returns After Five-Year Absence

    Similar logic over here. I'm tempted to get this for Raptor and nothing else, but why would I pay $20 for that when I probably have a copy of it in my basement somewhere just out of arms reach.