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    Cities: Skylines Review - The Best City Builder in a Decade

    Last week I watched streams of this game as everyone and their dogs were streaming it. And it really looks like a great game. I normally am not into city builder games (Not enough to justify their prices atleast). But this looks like one I would spend a lot of time in. Hopefully, it will be.
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    Guild Wars 2 75% off till March 8th.

    Well, I bought it. Birthday moneyz can do so much. Hurray! And I can understand what you mean. I would like more/different skills/spells but in my opinion, Guild Wars 1 had waay too much skills and spells. I do enjoy it though. Hope that feeling will stay lol
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    Guild Wars 2 75% off till March 8th.

    I am really on the fence on buying this game but I am not sure. I LOVED Guild Wars 1, even though somehow I cannot connect anymore. Guess I will ponder for atleast a few hours before I might buy it.
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    EA Sports Student Athlete Settlement Could Cost $40 Million

    Though yeah, if both the likeness and the names are being used, I would only think it's fair that they would get paid atleast a bit. Unless a contract/agreement with both EA and the students would say otherwise. I dunno how that is formed so I don't gonna go into that.
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    Dark Souls On PC Sticks With Games for Windows Live

    I never had a problem if it was only GFWL but that in combination with another DRM like Steam is really a pain in the buttocks. I had that combo with Dawn of War 2, it was nearly impossible for me to play with friends online.
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    Massive Warhammer Festival More Than The Average LARP

    Except that I have no money for whatever, I would love to join a LARP, let alone a warhammer LARP. Specially in such a beautiful country as the Czech Republic.
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    Update: Dropbox Dies, Resurrection Complete

    Well, that does suck quite a bit for everyone that can't get it to work. Glad I use Skydrive though. Then again, same could happen with that I bet.
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    Why is Internet Explorer "a joke".

    I don't mind using IE10/11. I got it on my notebook and it works just fine. I honestly had more trouble with Firefox than with IE. I also tried Chrome, Safari and Opera. And I must say that Opera is just the one. Or at least was the one till Opera jumped ship to the Chrome-based engine/thingy.
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    Paradox Reveals First Warlock 2: The Exiled Gameplay Screens

    Not bad, looks pretty much like Warlock 1 though but I liked that game except for some slight annoyances. So I hope this will get as good or better even.
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    Winamp Bids a Final Farewell In December

    But but...Winamp is the only one that actually fits perfectly on my second screen together with skype, steam and the like :( Nothing can replace Winamp.
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    Prototype Xbox One Controller Emitted Smells

    That idea would be really great with all the games containing sewer levels, which is mostly 80% of all games somehow. "Did you ever shower?!" "I am just playing Battlefield 4 on xbox!"
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    Democracy 3 Wants You To Run The Country

    This sounds about right. It looks fun, though it technically just looks like Democracy 2 but well...slightly better I guess.
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    Multiplayer in Europa Universalis 4 Is Actually Fun

    I can't wait till this game is released! It looks great, every dev dairy it sounds more interesting! *head explodes*
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    Scientists Make Shocking Sports Game Breakthrough

    Well, that was research money well spent!
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    THQ Downgrades Warhammer 40K MMO

    Guess there will be a big chance I will buy this game now then. Huzza!