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    Controversial Designer Matt Ward Leaves Games Workshop

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Here is hoping they don't stop there, but move onto the idiots responsible for pricing. $110AU for a codex? $90AU for a single squad of soldiers? Get bent. I played back in the 90s and the prices were bad enough then, when I looked to get back into the game I...
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    Theater Shows Wrong Film Repeatedly to Guardians of the Galaxy Fans

    If it happened to me I wouldn't be too bothered... except for the freaking previews. They are already too bloody long, but an hour of the damn things? I'd flip my lid.
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    US Military Confident it Could Stop a Real-Life Godzilla Attack

    Honestly as cool as Movie Monsters are if anyone did a 'realistic' version of them they wouldn't last very long, most people don't really understand how balls crushingly powerful modern 'conventional' weapons are, or how many can be brought to the front rapidly. Godzilla wouldn't be swatting...
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    Baby Names and when you picked them

    So I was having a conversation with some friends and the topic got onto weird baby names, and one friend said "so you could do better?" and I said of course, I've had the names for my first two children picked out since I was eight. Alexander, Edward, Elizabeth, and Victoria by the way...
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    Pointing out double standards does NOT make you sexist!

    So we can only work on one issue at a time? You've got a good point there, but think about police and prosecution services and how they react to the situation. I've read news articles where the responding police officer is the one making the jokes...
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    Pointing out double standards does NOT make you sexist!

    Okay fine, perfectly rational argument. Let's close down all research into 'rare' genetic illnesses, after all, waste of money isn't it? There are far more people suffering from more common maladies. Let's stop government funding to legal advocacy groups catering to refugees and other...
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    Pointing out double standards does NOT make you sexist!

    Okay so you've got a magic crystal ball that tells you accurate statistics on crimes that are known to be under-reported. Good to know. Never mind the fact there have been studies down on how the male victims of domestic abuse are even more unlikely to report it than women, never mind that...
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    Pointing out double standards does NOT make you sexist!

    I come from a similar background, and I don't mean we hold power, it's simply we've got less disadvantages compared to other genders and skin colours.
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    Pointing out double standards does NOT make you sexist!

    Actually it only counts for the vast majority of reported, recorded domestic abuse there is a pretty big freaking difference. Domestic violence is massively unreported crime as is, add in gender issues and you've got very skewed and useless statistics.
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    Pointing out double standards does NOT make you sexist!

    There seems to be a trend online at the moment to jump up and down on anyone pointing out double standards against 'white straight males' automatically is a racist or a sexist. No white straight men are not a discriminated group, they (we) still hold a massive amount of power in the western...
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    American Ambassador Lectures Aussies On Game of Thrones Theft

    What legitimate service? Foxtel? Austar? other crappy PayTV providers? When it's on-demand at a reasonable price ($3AU per episode) then he can *****, not until then. Seriously Mr. Ambassador, how about you have a talk to your companies that promote a culture of piracy here in Australia by...
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    Gun advocate mocks Australia's tough laws

    Well at the time (I was 16) I was pretty pissed about the ban because I had to hand in a fairly new semi-auto rifle that I had saved for ages to buy, but I got over it, I still own guns and I firmly support firearm controls. That being said there are few minor details in the current laws that...
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    Gun advocate mocks Australia's tough laws

    Okay speaking as an Australian that is incredibly offensive, it was like he went out of his way to word in the most obnoxious way possible. He's correct that Australia and America are different places with different cultures, but the way he said it was very very dickish. Despite the...
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    Jimquisition: Perfect Pasta Sauce

    I agree completely with him... or I would if that bloody red background wasn't blinding me...
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    Escapist Podcast: 089: Religion in BioShock, David Jaffe and Playing Nice

    On the subject of adblock (I'm a pubclub member FYI) there are things you need to understand, I don't know the average age of your audience, but people in their early to mid 30s have been online for 10-20 years now, we saw the very very worst of the advertising industry online, we saw the growth...