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    Criticize Something You Love

    Third and also it can be really paranoid. YouTube: The stuff you suggest sometimes I won't touch even with a 10ft barge pole. Android os: Marshmallow better be a return to KitKat because Lollipop is eating up a lot of ram. Shovel Knight: Sometimes you put too many instant death spikes and...
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    REPORT: New Edge-o-Meter Measures Internet Edginess

    I wouldn't even be a blip on it.
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    REPORT: Facebook Group Forces Obama's Retirement with Witty Image Macros

    Well it was only a matter of time.
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    Gamers VS. Jimmy Kimmel!!!! Fight!!!!

    I don't if he was right about let's plays being stupid but just it looks stupid to him. In this situation I think the asshole in this situation were the gamers who sent Jimmy those comments. The thing for me mostly fell rather flat I didn't laugh but I chuckled at the YouTube Almighty part of...
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    Wireless keyboards and mice - Do you use them?

    I like wireless mice. I did have a wired mouse but that broke and I decided to try wireless mice. My first wireless broke within two weeks because I dropped like an idiot. Currently on my second a Tecknet one. I like wireless mice no worries of wires and much easier to carry. I have no answer...
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    Your Windows 10 Experiences

    Downloading it was a mild annoyance since it was a large file on a crowded network. Good- Microsoft you did good with Edge keep it up and I might have to drop Chrome entirely. No more metro menu. Its smooth and plays nice with most of my stuff (I haven't tried it with my MIDI keyboard or...
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    So what's the story behind YOUR avatar pic?

    We got fun and games. OT: I started of with Alphonse Elric with a bunch of sheep around and I picked it because I liked it. My current one sort of reflects how I feel about some sections of the forums. Max at the start of Fury Road looking upon a wasteland where eats a dog eat dog world with...
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    I live in Japan. Ask me stuff!

    1) How is the weather? 2)What has been your favourite food so far? 3) Hows the public transport? 4) How do the Japanese view Africa?
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    Poll: Do you use an e-book reader?

    I haven't used any sort of ebook mainly because I prefer the actual physical book in my hand. I can see the appeal of an ebook being able to carry some of your favourites with you on one device. I may get one some day and stick with the paper format for a while.
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    I am some random fucko on the internet, Ask Me Anything. No subject is taboo.

    Will you get in the giant robot? Whats your favourite tea and why is it green tea? Where are the aliens? Why is time travel a really bad idea? Which is cuter a kitten or a puppy? Will you ever accept me as your lord and saviour? Who is your daddy and what does he do?
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    Red vs Blue takes on Trigger Warnings

    How did you come to that conclusion. On the topic of trigger warnings I'm fine with them as long as they don't get ridiculous or put up just because someone said. Also yay O'Malley is back. Now the world will tremble before in fear of a Red Bull oblivion. Before that lets read the comments.
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    Superman Returns vs. Man Of Steele

    Oh sweet tap dancing Jesus. Someone actually gave that the greenlight.Well at least its not a return of Bearded Idiot (Superman at Earth's End) because that would be worse. Captcha- bees knees You have awful tastes you know that Captcha.
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    Robot wars Eat you heart out.

    But still it will be entertaining to watch. Too bad we haven't gotten anything to contribute to this mobilised mechanised motorised mayhem.
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    Serial Killer Round 67: Mutineering Massacre - Cycle 1, Voting Phase

    Same thing happens to me in Awesomenauts. Only I get killed from out of nowhere by this evil carniving, suave talking and hamster insulting frenchman known as Leon the Chameleon who incidentally has a pirate skin.
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    Serial Killer Round 67: Mutineering Massacre - Cycle 1, Voting Phase

    Yargh. This game is moving fast and slow at the same time. Although that be the effect of the 11am to 11pm drinking session from yesterday coming back bite me. Yargh there be termites in me leg.