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    Torment: Tides of Numenera Shatters Kickstarter Record

    I'm going to estimate it'll slow down and end up at $4 to $4.5 million, similar to Project Eternity but higher. I think this one benefited from tons of pre-Kickstarter press and community awareness from the campaigns of Wasteland 2 and PE, which I can guess would expand even a bit further for...
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    Torment: Tides of Numenera Burns Up Kickstarter - UPDATED

    We'll have every game we ever wanted muhuhHAHAHAHAHA!
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    Sony Teases Possible PlayStation 4 Announcement

    It's not for the PS4, it's for the the Playstation ZEROOOOOOOooooooo.........
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    Town Holds Violent Videogame Buyback Program

    I have a Playstation Demo disc lying around somewhere
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    The Escapist's Game of the Year 2012

    ME3 is a good game with some terrible design choices, such as tying multiplayer in to the final ending you can get, the somehow even more annoying and less-fun [than ME2] space exploration/scanning game, and the really odd (and often boring) fetch quest mechanics such as forcing you to visit...
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    Paul's Five Favorites of 2012

    Hotline would definitely be on my list. I've listened to the soundtrack for days and attempted to achieve bloody perfects in each of the game's levels for the same amount of time. Can't wait for more Dennaton... though I know we're getting a sequel to HM I'm almost more interested in what else...
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    Justin's Five Favorites of 2012

    Guild Wars 2 was the game that reminded me I still have a terrible MMO addiction lurking underneath. I wish I could just have a taste, but I can't.
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    Susan's Five Favorites of 2012

    Mass Effect 3 should not have made this list due to the artistically indulgent forest sequences :) I kid (any game can make anyone's list) I just wish ME3 took the ball from ME2 and ran with it, while I felt ME3 basically kicked a field goal in comparison to ME2. If that makes sense. Quite...
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    Addressing Violence With Social Programs

    Yeah. It'll be extremely challenging to get any kind of "social welfare" spending package approved, especially in regards to health care, the way our government has been running.
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    Below Lead Designer Discusses Kickstarter Failure

    Cancelling 9 days prior to ending seems premature... many Kickstarters in a similar position end up succeeding. Some people just click "remind me" and wait for later.
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    Sega Sets Its Lawyers on Professor Layton Developer

    Pathetic and idiotic. Inazuma is incredibly popular, there's no better way to alienate yourselves from videogame fans.
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    Blizzard Registers Mysterious Domain Name

    If it's a D3 expansion...that wouldn't be the name would it? If it's not the name, why grab the website? What kind of Blizzard product would be called something that sounds like a codename?
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    Kickstarter RPG Project Cancelled After Raising $250,000

    Very true, but much like Obsidian, Tim Schafer has a long history and most importantly a well-known reputation that is up to date! He can get away with less details because we only have to look at the last few games to come out of Double Fine and see that his company makes awesome, unique...
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    Kickstarter RPG Project Cancelled After Raising $250,000

    This Kickstarter was really just poorly run and poorly timed. It was as if they looked at Project Eternity, didn't study Kickstarter at all, and just tried to jump on its back. The concept work that eventually came out what...a week, two weeks later(?) got me to give it a shot based on the...
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    What martial art would you advise that I do?

    If you actually want real self-defense training, start with a grappling art like Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Wrestling, etc... I prefer "no-gi" as it's more realistic, though using a gi has its merits as well. This is typically straight grappling and submission (not punching). Combine that with a...