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    $2.50 Reviews: Snatch (2000)

    It's a great movie and I agree with your review. I watched it again and again and am still getting something from it. It's entertaining and a good laugh, no matter how many times you watch it.
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    Poll: Are the generation of kids getting worse and worse over time?

    Well I know roughly 30 years ago my dad and his brother would get locked inside a blisteringly hot car every Sunday while my granddad played cricket. All they got to eat was a frozen meat pie, and they got the shit belted out of them for even looking at him wrong. In contrast my dad was great to...
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    Woah, something worthwhile came out of reality TV....

    That was absolutely AWESOME!
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    Worst game PURCHASE you ever made.

    I payed $15 AUD for "The Hell In Vietnam" Holy crap was it a shocker!
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    favourite new band

    Well I was going to say Norther, but now it is Periphery and Parasite. Thank you guys :P
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    Answer is 2 Close thread.
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    Doom 4

    So "Not a sequel to Doom 3 nor a reboot" Sounds interesting, though a but rushed. Will have to wait and see.
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    Poll: Do you want Wheatley back?

    I would like to see how he fixes what has happened and try to befriend Chell after all he has done. I liked him as a character even when he was mad. I hope he returns.
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    $2.50 Reviews: Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (2009)

    Totaly agree with your review. Was a bad movie, bad acting and bad CGI. What was good (good for a laugh) was the trailer. This movie is fail.
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    $2.50 Reviews: Atonement (2007)

    Best. Review. EVER. XD
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    Marter's $0.02: 100 Review Wrap-Up

    That was really cool! I liked this wrap up. There are a few awards and nominations I disagree with, but these aren't my reviews! So I say to you well done and I thoroughly enjoyed reading all your reviews and this wrap up. Looking forward to seeing what you have for next year, and THANK...
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    $2.50 Reviews: Sin City (2005)

    Excellent review, I feel much the same way. I love this movie and still enjoy watching it again and again. Nice job!
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    Poll: Advice?

    Personality mate. This new girl might not look fantastic, but looks mean nothing. You will find that she will be so much better to be around and to that an chick that does not care or respect you (otherwise she would not have cheated on you). Would you rather a chick to go out with you...
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    Black Ops Breaks Sales Records Honestly, from all that I have heard about the game, I did not expect more people to buy it than MW2. I mean how many people complained about MW2, and how Russ Pitts reviewed the single player saying how poor it is, now...