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    Nvidia Announces New $1200 Pascal-Based Titan X

    Holy shit, I can't believe I'm posting here again. It's been what, almost a year since I gave up on this place? The power of Titan compels me, I guess. Anyways.... That right there is exactly why I'm eyeing this thing. I have a lot of interest in both game development and animation (my...
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    What does the escapist think of Totalbiscuit?

    Good news for you is that these days he deliberately tends to save the options menu stuff for either later on / at the end of the video or goes so far as to do an entirely separate video for it (the "Port Report" series), rather than diving into the options right away. Personally, I prefer the...
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    Celebrate old Escapists! The war against the newbies has been won!

    Damn, you make a good point. I mean, just look at my ass for a good example of what you're talking about - I've literally only posted on this site at all 3 times in the last month, and I'm not even true old guard (I officially stopped lurking and registered in April 2011). I remember when this...
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    Rutabaga Rising

    Nothing against Susan, but am I the only one here who actually liked and respected Tito (yes, including his refusal to blanket-ban GG discussion, despite me not being pro-GG)? Didn't realize I was so alone on this. Is there something else he did to piss people off, or is it really all about that...
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    Bungie Defends The Taken King's $40 Price Tag

    This, one thousand times over. Just the entire concept alone of expecting people to jump out of their seats and get hyped over mere dance moves is either arrogance or ignorance beyond belief. Fuck, even Twitch emotes have more value than Destiny's, since at least there's fandom-pandering...
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    Steam Summer Sale 2015 after action report

    I went from around 40 Steam games gathered over a period of ~3.5 years (unemployment is a *****), to 145 in a week. Not hard to tell that this is my first real Steam Sale binge, huh? XD Still, I'm surprised by how much I've seemed to outspent everyone here.... O_O
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    Steam Summer Sale 2015 after action report

    Fucking shit, apparently I spent a total of $227.43 during this blasted sale, and I'm still considering picking up one last game if I can afford it (The Last Federation). I am now officially Valve's *****. EDIT: My Steam games list went from about 40 games to 145, for reference.
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    GOG Brings Back Its Bundles For 2015 Summer Sale Finale

    Somebody must've killed Sunday then, since I'm pretty sure today's Saturday, June 20th. >:p
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    LG Reveals "Wallpaper TV" - Less Than 1mm Thick

    Ditto. Got a nephew that likes to play around and even poke at our living room TV and it constantly scares the hell out of me. A TV like this is right up my alley.
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    Fatal Frame Wii U is Coming to The US

    If this really does happen and Team Ninja doesn't fuck it up, you can bet your ass I'm gonna get a Wii U for this (and Bayonetta 2, of course!). Fuck, the little system that could seems to be getting better and better all the time.
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    Poll: Anime - Dub or sub?

    To be serious though, I like the fact that you were able to point to something like a specific inflection or tone as the reason for your preference. As mentioned earlier, I'm a bit of a VA nut and I'm not just talking anime, so to hear a specific explanation like that instead of a broad...
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    Poll: Anime - Dub or sub?

    Wow. You really wouldn't like me then, because I absolutely despise the dub of GL, and I'm quite the fan of both a good dub and voice acting in general. The voices of Kamina and Simon stick out as particularly egregious to me, as they lack the proper energy and attitude needed to pull off such a...
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    Poll: Anime - Dub or sub?

    It entirely depends on the anime in question and the quality of the dub. Subs can often be much better due to a variety of factors, including but not limited to bad English VA's, bad direction, overly-precise translation, important dialog / info getting lost in translation, or worst of all -...
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    What is with the asian\indian men obsession with white women?

    Completely off topic, but are you talking Madoka Magicka? If so, what parts of that show are you referring too? (I ask because I love critical analysis of media and the discussion of such, especially in regards to animation - Western, Japanese, or otherwise) On Topic: I wouldn't know, seeing...
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    Poll: Poll of the Day #22: Favorite Metal Gear Rising Boss? (Major spoilers ahoy!)

    Today's poll is going to be on a game I've been orgasming over for at least a year now, despite having only played the demo (my PS3 is borked and I refuse to play it on this shitty laptop, without a controller to boot). What Metal Gear Rising boss is your favorite? As an added bonus, tell us...